Making your mark: How to land the internship of your dreams

For many students, internship is a word heard as early as high school. It’s often associated with making daily coffee runs or working for little to no pay all to gain additional experience outside the classroom. It might not sound great, maybe even a tad depressing, but keep in mind that employers overwhelmingly view strong internship experience as one of the most important factors in hiring for entry-level positions for post grads.

Thankfully, the horror stories of tedious busy work and Starbucks trips aren’t always the norm. Quality internships providing invaluable experience are available; it’s all about knowing where to look and how to position yourself as the best candidate for the job.

Keeping your social media accounts clean, dressing professionally for the interview, and sending thank you notes are the standard tips. We’ve all heard this advice before, and so has all of the competition. The good news is that there are more nuanced steps you can take to enhance your chances of landing a position that will provide you with the skills and experience necessary to succeed in your industry.


As a student, your professors are key to getting you prepared for the real world, but you won’t make meaningful connections by simply showing up for class. Most professors want to take the time to get to know you, ensuring you are worth their assistance. A well-respected professor in your field can be one of the best references when looking for internships or full-time positions, thus building relationships with them should be a top priority.

But professors aren’t the only ones worth connecting with. Fellow classmates can be just as valuable in connecting with high-level internships.

In the professional world, networking is something many professionals must do to get their foot in the door. Connecting with like-minded people with similar career interests allows for discussions and collaborations that can contribute to professional development and furthering your skills, knowledge and professional circle. Be yourself, be friendly and use any and all of your connections to your advantage to land that next internship!

Higher education

In our contemporary society, higher education is becoming increasingly viewed as a rite of passage rather than a luxury, and those holding bachelor’s degrees are struggling to appeal to employers, especially when up against candidates with master’s and doctorate degrees. With entry-level positions requiring experience, internships are a necessary step in the progression toward working full time.

Stand out from the crowd by continuing to pursue even higher levels of education. Graduate school is more than adding a few letters behind your name and a fancy piece of paper; it’s about continuing to develop – both personally and professionally – so that you’re ready to enter the workforce.

By graduation, you should have a vast collection of professional contacts and relationships, which will be invaluable in assisting with your entry into your dream internship and subsequent career.

Pre-interview process

When applying for internships, it’s imperative to find a way to stand out against other applicants. The committee or hiring manager most likely receives stacks of cookie-cutter resumes, making it easy for yours to get lost in the shuffle.

For starters, learn more about a company’s culture and how it operates by checking out its social media channels, blog posts and website. It is important to fully understand how they project their voice out into the world and how they position themselves in their industry as thought-leaders.

Focus on tailoring your resume and cover letter according to the company’s job description and core values. Find out what they are looking for, and make sure you effectively convey how your strengths align with the company’s goals. Did they say it would be a plus if you had video or photography skills? Be sure to highlight those or even bold them to be seen.

Don’t forget to follow-up. A little bit of persistence can go a long way. Email, tweet, send a carrier pigeon – do whatever it takes to show them that you are dedicated to your future and the future of the company.

Before the interview

Research, research, research. Did the company recently receive any awards or secure a major piece of coverage for a client? Congratulating them in the interview on their recent accomplishments shows you’re not only invested in their success, but that your interest in the company goes beyond just getting paid.

But why should they hire you?

Do some soul-searching, and be prepared to answer why you are truly the best fit for the job. Focus on turning your weaknesses into strengths and showcase your talent in a way that is unique to who you are. The more confidence you have in yourself and your abilities, the better the interview will go.

After the interview

Following the first-round interview, be sure to connect with the recruiter or intern director personally by sending an email or handwritten card thanking them for the opportunity. Use each interview as a learning experience by reflecting on the questions asked and answers given.

Obtaining an internship doesn’t have to be an overly stressful experience. Each scenario is unique, but these tips can help a student not only obtain the position they want, but also the experience that can help land their dream job down the road.

If you’re interested in an internship with Dittoe Public Relations, you can find more details on our internship program.

Telling the right story at the right time: the art of ‘newsjacking’

We are strong believers that every brand, company and founder has a compelling story to share. From advice on bolstering employee engagement to international travel tips or the proper disposal of pharmaceutical waste, every company can and should be an expert within their industry.

And while most companies recognize their expert potential, it can sometimes be difficult finding the medium in which to share their stories.

How can a startup or small business break through the chatter to ensure they are reaching their target audience? Is it possible for a vendor to position themselves as an expert in their industry without paying for an advertisement?

One of our favorite ways to ensure that the right people are learning about our clients at the right time is through a strategy called “newsjacking.”

What is newsjacking?

Newsjacking is the art of injecting our clients’ ideas into a breaking news or pop culture story. Whenever breaking news occurs, reporters and analysts are looking for experts to comment on the story. Newsjacking is an approach that is mutually beneficial for our clients and the media. For instance, in a newsjacking scenario, our client receives media attention and recognition as an industry expert and the reporter gets a credible source on a timely topic for his or her story.

But how does it work?

One of the keys to a successful newsjacking campaign is timing. While a company may have a fantastic opinion on a current event or a national trend, reporters likely won’t be interested in that perspective after a week or even a day has passed. The news cycle is extremely fast-paced, and the best way to receive media attention is by moving quickly. Luckily, that’s where we come in!

How Dittoe PR can help

Our media relations work has always been rooted in having a strong, timely hook and a knack for identifying reporters who might be interested. Our job is to constantly brainstorm how we can share our clients’ stories and proactively conduct media outreach on their behalf. As a trending story develops in real time, we begin crafting messaging that positions our client as an expert on the topic.

For example, when Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris last October, we saw an immediate newsjacking opportunity for international travel insurance client Seven Corners. In the wake of the Kardashian robbery, a reporter at Bravo was looking for expert advice on how to stay safe while traveling internationally and Seven Corners was a perfect fit. By reaching out the right reporter at the right time, we were able to break through the media noise and secure a timely national story for our client.

Think your company or brand could benefit from newsjacking and other proactive media relations? We’re happy to help!

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