How A Great PR Strategy Can Grow Your Business

In today’s world of rapid technological advancement and globalized commerce, startups and Fortune 500 companies alike are searching for new ways to build their business, gain visibility, and stand out amongst the competition.   When it comes to building and communicating the credibility of your service or product to the world, PR is, hands down, the best strategy and can be one of the most cost-effective ways to raise brand awareness and increase sales.   Sharing your entrepreneurial story in national business publications, getting product placements in popular magazines, participating in expert interviews on industry topics, and earning positive social media [...]

6 Tips for Tweeting About your Company or Client

Communication is a key component in every moment of a PR pro’s day. That means knowing not only a multitude of words, but also the right way to use them to make our press releases, pitches and social media outreach concise and effective. Delivering your client’s message in as few words as possible in a news release is a struggle that every public relations pro faces regularly. However, an even larger challenge is limiting our communication not just by word count, but by character count. Twitter is a great platform used by individuals and businesses alike, but it can be challenging [...]

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