Shifting Skillset for PR Pros: Social Media

The public relations industry has long been built on two core skills: writing flawless content and garnering influential media coverage on behalf of a client. If you embodied both skills, and could execute them well, you were bound to be a successful PR pro.   But, what about today? With the evolving skillset of PR professionals, it’s more important than ever to be armed with multiple proficiencies to develop and manage successful campaigns. In addition to the core competencies of a traditional PR professional, the following social media skills are key for any PR professional looking to grow within the industry. [...]

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Facebook: When to Advertise vs. When to Boost

With more than 1.94 billion active monthly users worldwide, Facebook is the top social media network available with the ability to target specific audiences. Not only does the platform allow businesses to interact directly with followers via messaging features, but Facebook also provides a way to scale that messaging to reach additional audiences.   Facebook advertisements and boosted posts are two ways businesses can further accomplish their social media goals. We will explore the differences between the two and examine how each option can work to increase reach and engagements on Facebook.   Facebook Advertisements. Running an advertisement on Facebook allows [...]

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The Difference Between Marketing, Public Relations & Advertising

I’m often asked what I do for a living, and I always reply “I work in public relations.” Usually the response is, “So that’s like advertising? Or marketing?” Well, kind of. Not really. No, not really at all. As Dr. Lisa Fall at the University of Tennessee used to tell me, marketing, advertising and PR are all first-cousins. They’re closely related, but they’re very different in their functions, objectives and tactics, though they may all lead to the same goal. I typically end up explaining the difference (even my parents still don’t understand!). And many companies we do business with at [...]

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