Sydney Plichta

Account Executive

Sydney’s PR expertise spans from local and trade media relations to content creation and client communication. She enjoys working with clients in the hospitality, higher education, real estate and lifestyle brand industries. She recently joined Dittoe PR’s new business development team and works closely with Lauryn and Chris to share Dittoe’s story.

Sydney is a Michigan State University alumna and volunteered as a social media content creator for the Alzheimer’s Association Michigan Chapter. She joined Dittoe PR as an intern in 2019.

Industry Articles

Public Relations in Times of National Tragedy

Public Relations in Times of National Tragedy

Profound tragedy is unfortunately a recurring part of our lives. When we have news to share, it can be a tricky question of what and when you should pitch. As humans, we want to be respectful. As PR professionals, we want to be sensitive to conditions and advise our clients and teams on the best course of action. See some tips on navigating public relations in times of national tragedy.

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