5 Blogs Every PR Pro Should Follow

by | Jan 25, 2012 | Communication, Journalism, Media Relations, Media Strategy, Social Media

Like it or not, advancements in technology and communication are happening at an insanely rapid pace. Sometimes, it can feel like a full-time job trying to keep up with the latest and greatest tech tools, social media networks and communication strategies. Not to worry! We’ll make things a little simpler for you. Here a five blogs that are crucial for PR pros who need to stay current.


PR News: By studying the industry, PR News provides you with the trends and programs in play in PR, including what’s working now and how you can be more successful in your job.

Public Relations

Beyond the Hype: Self-described as a vehicle to talk about how to do PR right, this blog focuses on the changing approaches in PR and offers practical and prescriptive guidance on using new digital tools as part of integrated communications strategies.

Media and Communications

Journalistics: At the intersection of public relations and journalism, you’ll find stories, writing advice, ethics, media, online journalism and more.

Social Media

PR-Squared: Recognized globally as a social media & public relations innovator, thinker and lecturer, Todd Defren blogs about social media and marketing.

PR Professionals

Steven Silvers: Described as one of the nation’s top related PR bogs, Silvers has a veteran reputation as a communications strategist. His blog counsels corporate and nonprofit clients on public relations, issues and crisis management.

With more than just a good press release at stake, today’s public relations professional has to be knowledgeable on online reputation management, blogger outreach, industry news, communication trends and social media. These five blogs offer some of the best advice and topics to keep you in the know!

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