20 of Our Favorite Moments in the Past 20 Years

This month, Dittoe PR celebrates 20 years in business! All month long, we’re celebrating our anniversary by sharing content dedicated to the big 2-0. Today, we’re reflecting back on 20 of our favorite moments over the past two decades. These moments were sourced from our entire team and are in no particular order.

1. Working on multiple BMW Championship tournaments. Our team has had the opportunity to work on the 2012, 2016, 2017 and 2019 PGA TOUR events. While every moment of tournament week is exhilarating, a top moment for a few of us is walking inside the ropes with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy in 2012 at Crooked Stick Golf Club. 

2. Joining 1,000 employees from TCC who were all dressed as superheroes at Riley Hospital for Children to form the largest group hug in the hospital’s history.

3. Team coaching with the fabulous Katara McCarty. Katara has helped our team create a vision and guiding values, and is helping all of us become better servant leaders.

Our Vision:
Proactively shaping narratives that influence behavior and invoke change.

Our Guiding Values:

  • Cultivate Happy
  • We’ve Got Your Back
  • Here We Grow
  • Exceed Expectations

4. Incorporating our guiding values into a beautiful mural created by local artist William Ray. This amazing piece of art hangs in “Biggie” – our big conference room. And yes, our smaller conference room is called “Smallz.” If you don’t know, now you know.

5. In 2017, Dittoe PR served as the PR partner for Lonely Whale’s Strawless in Seattle campaign, which initiated a plastic straw ban in Seattle. Our success in promoting the event locally, nationally and internationally contributed to the ban being enacted in Seattle. This spearheaded the movement against plastic straws worldwide. 

6. Annual Halloween pitch-in at a team member’s house followed by a team outing to Indy SCream Park (by far our scariest client).

7. Working with the COLUMBUS film team on promotion not only in Indiana but nationwide. The best part though was handling the hometown premiere and all the details – a red carpet event included – for the film’s release in Columbus, Indiana. Also, a couple of our team members got to play six degrees of separation with John Cho over drinks after one of the showtimes and cast Q&A events.

8. The annual Dittoe PR holiday party. Every December, our team breaks up into two groups and embarks on a scavenger hunt throughout Broad Ripple, and this isn’t your average friendly team outing. It’s extremely competitive and not for the faint of heart. ‘Tis the season!

9. Working on the launch of Canvas, the world’s first text-based interviewing platform. With the global release of Canvas, we’d be witnessing the future of the workplace. But first we’d have to convince its worth to the world’s toughest critics – the national media. Part of our efforts included planning and executing a national media tour in New York City, where we set up interviews and demos with outlets like Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune and New York Magazine. In the first seven days of the launch, we secured 39 media stories in prestigious national media outlets. 

10. Our pickled pedaler outing. Because who doesn’t like drinking beer while on a bike with an electric assist motor?

11. When our team had the chance to work closely with Spike Lee for a LIDS documentary. We set up interviews with local media and Spike in Indianapolis and got to meet him.

12. When the Cubs won the World Series – as part of the LIDS team, we stayed up late to watch the entire World Series and see history be made. We worked closely with local Chicago media and even got to see the World Series trophy in-person a few months later.

13. Pickleball team outing. Can you tell there’s a competitive spirit within our office?

14. Enacting our anniversary wheel spin. Every Dittoe PR team member gets to spin the wheel on their work anniversary. Most of our prizes are good (hello, Nordstrom gift card), but we do have a few bad ones on there (say what, water balloon firing squad?), so wheel spins are an emotional roller coaster around our office. 

15. When our client Stericycle partnered with the National Safety Council for the unveiling of its “Stop Everyday Killers” campaign. The memorial itself is so impactful and sheds light on our country’s opioid epidemic. It’s amazing to be a part of a national educational opioid campaign.

16. Annual team outing to the Indiana State Fair, especially when our fearless leader Chris Dittoe wins us stuffed animals to bring back to the office. 

17. Moving into our current office space in South Broad Ripple in 2015…and eating Fat Dan’s and Twenty Tap on a weekly basis ever since. 

18. Dittoe PR’s 10th Anniversary Party. Our veterans are especially fond of this memory, as it’s fun to reminisce on it now and consider how much we’ve grown and evolved as a team and as an agency since 2009. 

19. Dittoe PR Love Connection. You read that right. Two members of our team were introduced to the men they will be marrying in 2020 thanks to their close friendships with their Dittoe PR colleagues.

20. Getting to work alongside so many passionate PR professionals and making lifelong friendships along the way!

Interested in learning more about our agency and the exciting work we do? Contact me at lauryn@dittoepr.com.

Why team building is critical (and really fun)

Do the words “team building” induce irritability and eye-rolls in your office? Are you imagining The Office’s Michael Scott screaming, “conference room – now!” while employees slowly trickle in for an over-the-top attempt at collectiveness? 

Obviously work is meant for, well, working, but an office needs to be more than that. Getting out of the office with your team and problem-solving in a more relaxed environment can be necessary for building better working relationships. In addition to increasing productivity, team building can also improve communication and creativity. 

Benefits of improving company culture through team building include: 

Increased productivity 
According to a HuffPost article, most organizations say there is more fear and anxiety than joy and optimism in the workplace. “While success and recognition generate positive attitudes and energy, failure and non-recognition deplete and exhaust people. Organizations’ must get fear and anxiety levels down, and replace those feelings with a sense of hope, the purposefulness of a united and supportive community, and a conviction that the future will be better.” 

Still not convinced? Benefits of team building can improve more than just company morale. Engaged employees are more likely to work diligently in their jobs, increasing productivity – research shows that engaged employees are 17% more productive than their peers. 

Boosted creativity
Personally, I believe a big part of my positive attitude and energy at work stems from my feelings of support and collectivity within our team. For example, our pickleball outing had our office laughing for weeks which fostered better energy and creativity. Our Guinness World Record attempt was an awesome opportunity to work together for a community event, which improved satisfaction in the workplace. Even something as simple as our last minute decision to dress as cows for Chick-fil-A’s free chicken day was a great way to foster happiness on a random weekday afternoon. 

Additional benefits include: 

Reduced absenteeism
Motivated employees have significantly lower rates of missed work relative to disengaged employees.

More collaboration
High employee morale usually correlates with greater feelings of teamwork and shared vision. Comfortability in a collaborative group goes along way and leads to better brainstorming, less fear of sharing new ideas and more. 

Improved communication
When employees are more comfortable, communication can be greatly improved. An organization’s culture has to reinforce the necessity of speaking out in order to solve problems while really listening to the opinions of others.

Looking for a collaborative workspace with a strong sense of company culture? Visit our careers page to learn more about our open opportunities. 

How to Successfully Work Remotely

WFH. These three letters allow employees to move from the desk-bound constraints of a 9-to-5 office and give them the freedom to work from the comfort of their own home, a coffee shop, a collaborative working space or anywhere in between.

In recent years, the option to work elsewhere has seen a surge in popularity. According to a survey by AfterCollege, 68% of millennial job seekers say an option to work remotely would greatly increase their interest in specific employers. Furthermore, a survey from OwlLabs found that employees who work from home at least once a month are 24% more likely to feel happy and productive at work, resulting in 25% less employee turnover than their non-remote work offering counterparts.

Here at Dittoe PR, we offer the opportunity for our team members to work from home a half-day each week. Whether that’s a morning where getting out of bed just isn’t going to happen, or an afternoon where a change of scenery is crucial, this perk encourages us to take some time and work from wherever makes us happy.

Wherever you choose to set up shop, consider these four tips for the most productive outcome:

Dress for success.
Trust me, I know how incredibly tempting it is to throw on pajamas or sweatpants when you’re working from home. However, when you wear pajama pants to bed and sweatpants to lounge on a Saturday afternoon, you’re not in the right frame of mind to physically work.

Mind follows body! Separate your work outfits from your weekend outfits, and dress for the job you have. If you’re in clothes you’d go to work in, you’ll be less inclined to lay down on the couch or zone out for an hour or two.

Set up a workspace.
Similar to dressing for success, it can be tempting to wake up in bed, open up your work laptop and stay there until night falls. There’s a reason our employers keep us upright facing a screen at the office. Get out of bed (it’s harder than it sounds), situate a new desk space and work in that location. Find a place just uncomfortable enough to keep you focused.

Establish clear boundaries between your workspace and your home life. This separation reduces unintended stress and will provide you with enough energy to not only finish your work but keep you from hating your bed or couch when your day is done. No one wants that! 

Reduce distractions.
Sure, your office has its fair share of distractions. When you’re at home or elsewhere, however, those distractions are heightened. Think about it, if you’re at home, what else is there? Dishes to be cleaned, a comfortable couch with Netflix calling your name, Instagram notifications on your phone, that leaky faucet you swore you’d get fixed…the list goes on.

In short, multitasking doesn’t work. The American Psychological Association found that switching between tasks results in a 40% loss of productivity, especially when those tasks involve combining your actual work with scrolling through your Twitter feed. Treat your home – or wherever you choose to work from – as your own office when working remotely. You wouldn’t turn on Game of Thrones in the middle of a meeting, would you? Okay, don’t answer that.

Make a to-do list.
Even if you’re not a fan of the coveted to-do list, making one for your day at home will ensure you stay on track. Utilize Dittoe PR’s favorite list-making app Todoist, or simply put pen to paper with all the tasks needed for the day. As always with to-do lists, if you aren’t able to cross everything off, that’s okay! It’ll still help to keep you on track and remember what needs to be done the following day.

Schedule a few breaks, too. You don’t want to experience burnout at home of all places. If you plan your to-do list hour-by-hour, incorporate brief 15-minute breaks to allow your mind to recharge. Go outside, take a walk, walk your cat, walk your turtle, follow your hamster in its little ball, anything to boost your energy levels in between tasks.

When you spend your time wisely and efficiently, it’ll be like you never left the office. Now you’re ready to go forth and WFH, WFCS (work from coffee shop) or WFWYLHD (work from wherever your little heart desires)!

Interested in a career that lets you work remotely each week? We’re always accepting applications for consideration. Send your resume, cover letter and three writing samples to Ashley Eggert at ashley@dittoepr.com.