Why Company Culture is More Important Than Ever

by | Nov 8, 2023 | Company Culture

A strong company culture speaks volumes to any and all employees, especially now. According to Edelman, following a “black swan” event such as 9/11 or the COVID-19 pandemic, people hone in on their values and reflect on how they are spending their time. In Edelman’s 2023 Trust Barometer Report: Trust at Work, findings say employees want a work-life reset: 72% agree it is more important than ever that employers rethink what work means to employees. Clearly, it is crucial for employees to feel connected to their company’s culture and values.

A huge reason why I was so drawn to Dittoe PR was for this – the culture. Since joining the team in August, I have seen the impact of an empowering company culture first-hand. Dittoe PR has a set of core values that guide its practices and ultimately make the workplace such an encouraging and lively place to be. In my day-to-day on the job, I see the following values of Dittoe PR come to life in a real and tangible way.

Here We Grow 

When I first joined the Dittoe PR team, I was so impressed by how much the agency wants to see its employees thrive. This starts with providing opportunities to cultivate strong relationships on the team from day one. The mentorship program stood out to me right away as a way Dittoe PR shows its commitment to connection and care. There’s always someone checking in on you, whether they are a mentor, a member of your account team or someone who just wants to look out for you.

Cultivate Happy

While our schedules are packed from 9 to 5, Dittoe PR understands that its employees are people outside of work too. Three times a year, Dittoe PR has agency-wide mental health days that give employees a chance to take a breath and reset. Outside of these dedicated mental health days, the agency encourages communicating when something comes up so other team members can fill in the gaps for support as needed. In a time when mental health is top-of-mind, it is quite meaningful that Dittoe PR makes employee well-being a priority.

We’ve Got Your Back 

At Dittoe PR, we are supported as professionals but also as people. An example of this holistic approach is remote flexibility – it comes down to what works best for you and allows you to thrive in the workplace and beyond. As a new employee myself, I find immense value in the balance of both collaboration in-office and focus time from home. Knowing that Dittoe PR has my back allows me to show up at my fullest potential every day.

Exceed Expectations

As an agency, a common thread is eagerness for continued learning. Dittoe PR provides this and more. Through Lunch and Learns, trainings and all-staff meetings, employees can truly excel in their roles. In an industry that is constantly changing with the addition of updated platforms or practices, having the necessary tools to stay up to date is extremely valuable. It means a lot that Dittoe PR continues to provide these high-value learning opportunities for its employees.

In my time at Dittoe PR so far, I continue to see these values shape the company culture and foster an environment that brings its employees together. I truly feel lucky to work at a company that holds its values to the highest of standards, especially at a time when company culture is a #1 priority on employees’ lists.

Dittoe PR is always interested in connecting with new talent, and we accept applications on a rolling basis. Visit our Careers page to learn more, or reach out to our Vice President of Strategic Initiatives Greta Snell.

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