Andi Sommers

Account Executive

Andi works with clients from various industries on content drafting for different thought leadership initiatives as well as pitching and securing media opportunities for local, trade and national publications. Some of her favorite opportunities have come from clients in higher education and eLearning technology because of the immense impact that they can have on their target audiences. She also loves working with clients who are local to the Indianapolis area to help them coordinate local media opportunities, whether they are launching a campaign such as WGU Indiana’s Night Shift Nurses Packing Party or hosting an annual event like the Penrod Arts Fair.

A Franklin College grad, Andi began her career as a multimedia journalist for WREX in Rockford, Illinois, where she covered mostly local and state government stories. After two years as a reporter, she made the switch to PR when she joined the Indiana House of Representatives as a press secretary where she handled media relations efforts for a handful of state representatives about various pieces of legislation pertaining to education, workforce development, health care and more.

Industry Articles

Public Relations in Times of National Tragedy

Public Relations in Times of National Tragedy

Profound tragedy is unfortunately a recurring part of our lives. When we have news to share, it can be a tricky question of what and when you should pitch. As humans, we want to be respectful. As PR professionals, we want to be sensitive to conditions and advise our clients and teams on the best course of action. See some tips on navigating public relations in times of national tragedy.

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