20 of Our Favorite Moments in the Past 20 Years

This month, Dittoe PR celebrates 20 years in business! All month long, we’re celebrating our anniversary by sharing content dedicated to the big 2-0. Today, we’re reflecting back on 20 of our favorite moments over the past two decades. These moments were sourced from our entire team and are in no particular order.

1. Working on multiple BMW Championship tournaments. Our team has had the opportunity to work on the 2012, 2016, 2017 and 2019 PGA TOUR events. While every moment of tournament week is exhilarating, a top moment for a few of us is walking inside the ropes with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy in 2012 at Crooked Stick Golf Club. 

2. Joining 1,000 employees from TCC who were all dressed as superheroes at Riley Hospital for Children to form the largest group hug in the hospital’s history.

3. Team coaching with the fabulous Katara McCarty. Katara has helped our team create a vision and guiding values, and is helping all of us become better servant leaders.

Our Vision:
Proactively shaping narratives that influence behavior and invoke change.

Our Guiding Values:

  • Cultivate Happy
  • We’ve Got Your Back
  • Here We Grow
  • Exceed Expectations

4. Incorporating our guiding values into a beautiful mural created by local artist William Ray. This amazing piece of art hangs in “Biggie” – our big conference room. And yes, our smaller conference room is called “Smallz.” If you don’t know, now you know.

5. In 2017, Dittoe PR served as the PR partner for Lonely Whale’s Strawless in Seattle campaign, which initiated a plastic straw ban in Seattle. Our success in promoting the event locally, nationally and internationally contributed to the ban being enacted in Seattle. This spearheaded the movement against plastic straws worldwide. 

6. Annual Halloween pitch-in at a team member’s house followed by a team outing to Indy SCream Park (by far our scariest client).

7. Working with the COLUMBUS film team on promotion not only in Indiana but nationwide. The best part though was handling the hometown premiere and all the details – a red carpet event included – for the film’s release in Columbus, Indiana. Also, a couple of our team members got to play six degrees of separation with John Cho over drinks after one of the showtimes and cast Q&A events.

8. The annual Dittoe PR holiday party. Every December, our team breaks up into two groups and embarks on a scavenger hunt throughout Broad Ripple, and this isn’t your average friendly team outing. It’s extremely competitive and not for the faint of heart. ‘Tis the season!

9. Working on the launch of Canvas, the world’s first text-based interviewing platform. With the global release of Canvas, we’d be witnessing the future of the workplace. But first we’d have to convince its worth to the world’s toughest critics – the national media. Part of our efforts included planning and executing a national media tour in New York City, where we set up interviews and demos with outlets like Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune and New York Magazine. In the first seven days of the launch, we secured 39 media stories in prestigious national media outlets. 

10. Our pickled pedaler outing. Because who doesn’t like drinking beer while on a bike with an electric assist motor?

11. When our team had the chance to work closely with Spike Lee for a LIDS documentary. We set up interviews with local media and Spike in Indianapolis and got to meet him.

12. When the Cubs won the World Series – as part of the LIDS team, we stayed up late to watch the entire World Series and see history be made. We worked closely with local Chicago media and even got to see the World Series trophy in-person a few months later.

13. Pickleball team outing. Can you tell there’s a competitive spirit within our office?

14. Enacting our anniversary wheel spin. Every Dittoe PR team member gets to spin the wheel on their work anniversary. Most of our prizes are good (hello, Nordstrom gift card), but we do have a few bad ones on there (say what, water balloon firing squad?), so wheel spins are an emotional roller coaster around our office. 

15. When our client Stericycle partnered with the National Safety Council for the unveiling of its “Stop Everyday Killers” campaign. The memorial itself is so impactful and sheds light on our country’s opioid epidemic. It’s amazing to be a part of a national educational opioid campaign.

16. Annual team outing to the Indiana State Fair, especially when our fearless leader Chris Dittoe wins us stuffed animals to bring back to the office. 

17. Moving into our current office space in South Broad Ripple in 2015…and eating Fat Dan’s and Twenty Tap on a weekly basis ever since. 

18. Dittoe PR’s 10th Anniversary Party. Our veterans are especially fond of this memory, as it’s fun to reminisce on it now and consider how much we’ve grown and evolved as a team and as an agency since 2009. 

19. Dittoe PR Love Connection. You read that right. Two members of our team were introduced to the men they will be marrying in 2020 thanks to their close friendships with their Dittoe PR colleagues.

20. Getting to work alongside so many passionate PR professionals and making lifelong friendships along the way!

Interested in learning more about our agency and the exciting work we do? Contact me at lauryn@dittoepr.com.

How to Stand Out During Your Internship

What brings you joy?


Ever since binge-watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix at the beginning of the year, I’ve been asking myself that question in every aspect of my life. Before Marie Kondo, I actually already used this phrase with my friends somewhat jokingly when approached with a question: “Vanessa, should I buy these new shoes?” “Well, will it bring you joy?” But now, it’s taken on a whole new meaning.


Digression aside, one of the things that brings me the most joy in life is Dittoe PR’s internship program. As a former Dittoe PR intern myself, I remember how incredibly amazing my own experience was. While there were several perks to the internship, what made it truly impactful was the real-life agency experience I gained while still being a college student. This group of strangers brought me onto their team and almost instantly trusted me to help handle their day-to-day tasks – were they crazy? I’m not sure. But now, a few years later, I help lead our internship program and these strangers have become my work family (and yes, I can confirm they are a little crazy).


Every semester, it’s my goal to make sure our interns have the same experience I was afforded as a DPR intern. While we’re known for holding our interns to a high caliber, we believe this will help you in the long run. Our interns walk away feeling like they’ve gained the tools and lessons they need to become a PR professional. In fact, many of our current staff members started at Dittoe PR as interns. So, what is it that we look for in an intern? And what can you do to become a stand-out intern? Below I’ve scrounged up some tips and tricks I think will help any student stand out from the crowd, at a PR internship or elsewhere.


Take all the notes and ask all the questions.

This is probably the biggest piece of advice I can give all interns. Especially in PR, it’s imperative to take notes. Come to every meeting with a pen and paper and be prepared to write everything down. This shows that you’re not only prepared, but attentive, too. We also love when interns ask questions – we want to make sure you have a good understanding of each task at hand. And don’t be afraid to ask the daring questions, like “what if we did it this way?” or “have you thought of it this way before?” Questions like that will surely knock our socks off.


Treat this like a real job.

We hope you see this opportunity as more than just another college credit hour or another entry on your resume. Treat this internship like a real job because, well, that’s what it is. A real job. We give our interns real projects with real deadlines with real expectations. Forget the fluff projects you’ve had at other internships – at Dittoe PR, each intern is plugged into a dedicated account so you can see the ins and outs of how an account team works. Our goal is for you to walk away feeling like you have worked in a true agency setting.


Own your mistakes and grow from them.

We all make mistakes – from interns to senior account managers, it’s going to happen. The best thing you can do is to own that mistake and grow from it. Instead of dwelling on what happened and having it affect your confidence, look at each mistake as a learning opportunity. We don’t expect you to get everything right the first time, but we do hope to see you improve little by little over the course of your internship.


Maintain a “first-day” attitude.

I have to admit, I didn’t come up with this point on my own, but this one has really stuck with me. We all want to make a great initial impression – we usually do this by dressing professionally, taking notes, arriving early, participating in extra activities, etc. But don’t let complacency get in the way. While we’re a pretty laid-back bunch, remember to stay professional throughout your internship. Just because you start to feel comfortable doesn’t mean you can start to slack off in other areas. Treat every day like it’s your first day.


Ask for feedback.

The only way you can grow is if you ask for feedback. While we try to give feedback on projects in real-time, we often get bogged down and can let this crucial step fall to the side. But by taking this extra step and asking us for feedback shows that you care and that you want to improve. I can guarantee if you ask someone for feedback, you’ll receive it.


Integrate yourself with the team.

We truly see our interns as an extension of our team and not just interns. We love when interns join us during activities outside the office – lunches, book clubs, house warmings, etc. This allows our team to get to know you on a more personal level and help build deeper connections. It also shows that you want to be a part of our team. It doesn’t go unnoticed, and it’s a small act that can go a long way.


Think you have what it takes to be a DPR intern? We’re now accepting applications for our 2019 summer internship program through Feb. 15. To apply, send your cover letter, resume with references and three diverse writing samples to Vanessa Staublin at vanessa [at] dittoepr.com.



Our Favorite DPR Moments of 2018

The new year is a great time to reset, reflect and set new goals — and that’s exactly what we’re going to do here.


From landing our clients in national media outlets and key industry publications to hiring six new full-time team members, Dittoe Public Relations has had an incredible 19th year driving results for our clients and growing our team. Relive our best moments of 2018 below.


Securing big media hits

At Dittoe PR, we don’t wait for news to happen. We make news happen. We’re all about securing consistent media coverage for clients in top tier media – national, local, trade and influencer outlets – by proactively brainstorming new story ideas.


Here are some of the biggest headlines we secured for our clients this year:


Bringing on new accounts, upsells

We pride ourselves on expanding our client roster and client scope with a variety of projects in the media relations, social media, event planning, content marketing and thought leadership spaces.


In 2018, Dittoe PR brought on multiple client wins in a variety of industries including Lonely Whale, Hoffmaster, Merchants Capital, Scooch and Massage Heights. Additionally, the company earned increases in scope for Aardvark and Medxcel. PSI, also new client in 2018, recently increased their desired scope of work with our team, as well.


Growing our team

Dittoe PR added six new full-time account coordinators and account executives to the team this year, each of whom are bringing exceptional results to clients day in and day out.


Shelby Kaiser joined the team in February and brought her experience of managing a sorority’s quarterly publication, assisting with email marketing and overseeing social media for individual chapters. Haley Williams brought her six years of industry experience in branding, storytelling and communication to the team in April.


Ashley Shuler (me!), a previous intern who started full time in June as an account coordinator, was promoted to the account executive role in October. Ashlea Alley, another former intern, also joined the team as an account coordinator after after graduating from the University of Indianapolis with a dual focus degree on public relations and journalism.


Jillian Thomas brought her eight years of TV reporting and anchoring experience to the team when she joined Dittoe PR in September as an account executive.


Kaitlyn Beck, who graduated from the Indiana University Media School with a B.A. in journalism and specializations in public relations and advertising, and Natalie Weber, a previous intern who started full time in October after graduating from Purdue University with a public relations and strategic communication degree, also joined as full-time account coordinators.


Developing our skills

Dittoe PR has always held personal and professional growth in high regard. We firmly believe that our premier PR agency can only grow if our people continue to grow, too.


This year, Dittoe PR introduced a professional development budget for all employees, and our team members took advantage of those dollars by attending conferences across the nation. Megan Custodio, Ashley Eggert and Greta Snell attended INBOUND 2018 in Boston; Kaiser, Vanessa Staublin and Sophie Maccagnone attended Digital Summit in Dallas; and Mallory Sturgeon and Kasie Pieri attended PR News’ Media Relations Conference in Washington, D.C.


Defining our values

This year, we embarked on a six-month journey toward building a stronger company culture through unified personal and professional development with the help of organizational coach, speaker and author, Katara McCarty.


After crowdsourcing responses to a select set of questions about Dittoe PR’s culture, the team collectively crafted four core values that we firmly believe in and practice daily to support each other, our clients and Dittoe PR as a system.


  • Cultivate Happy: At Dittoe PR, we have fun, work with passion and purpose, and value work-life balance.
  • We’ve Got Your Back: Because our team is always there for each other. Similarly, this value speaks volumes to how we treat our clients, because we’ve got their backs too.
  • Here We Grow: Because we believe we can go farther, together, by investing in our employees through professional development opportunities, mentorship programs, new client opportunities and more.
  • Exceed Expectations: Our team doesn’t just aim to meet client expectations. We strive to exceed them in any way possible.


From securing top tier media hits to cultivating our values, we can’t wait to see where 2019 takes us! Want your business on our 2019 list? Contact Lauryn Gray at lauryn@dittoepr.com to set up a consultation and learn more about our services.