How to Turn a Press Release Into a National News Story

by | Mar 24, 2022 | Journalism, Media Relations, PR tools, Public Relations

Seeing your business in a national publication may seem like a pie-in-the-sky idea for some. However, with the right story, tools and strategy, your PR team can help make this happen. If a press release is your first go-to tool in your toolbox, there are other elements to consider if you want to see your company in the New York Times or on Good Morning America.

Below are a few key questions to mull over with your PR team as you prepare to launch your business into the national spotlight. 

Is this story applicable to a wide swath of people?

Your announcement, new campaign or case study is important! After all, think of all the hours and dedication your team put into this project to bring it to life. Before launching this news out into the world, though, you need to consider how many people it would impact. Does this have the potential to grab the attention of millions? Or move them to act? National news outlets bring in upwards of 20 million viewers or readers apiece, and your news should appeal to a majority of them. 

Decision makers at these outlets will consider this element when weighing whether or not to turn your press release into a news story. Your PR team can help navigate this conversation to determine who your target audience is and whether a national outlet is the appropriate avenue to push out your announcement. 

Is there a human element to your story that helps tell an interesting story? 

Some of the most compelling stories you read in print or watch on the news include how a certain issue, new technology or campaign impacted someone personally. Oftentimes, that person is the cornerstone of that story. This is a crucial element many journalists look for when deciding whether or not to pursue a story because it has the potential to draw in the reader or viewer and compel them to act based on the story. At Dittoe PR, we work with our clients to identify the human element that can help elevate the story and increase the probability of it piquing a journalist’s interest.

What is your call to action?

When you head to our website’s About page, you’ll see our vision is to “proactively shape narratives that influence behavior and invoke change.” We want to tell a story, and at its core, you want your story to inspire or encourage your audience to do something. Do you want them to donate food, clothing or money to a certain cause? Or should they be aware of the latest trend online that could be dangerous to their children? Whatever your call to action is, it’s imperative to work with your PR team to determine what it should be and how you can leverage it in your media outreach plan. 

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