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by | Jun 22, 2023 | Public Relations

When boiled down to its simplest form, public relations (PR) is about managing how others see and feel about an organization or individual. The first step to shaping that narrative is informing various stakeholders.

This can be incredibly difficult to achieve today. We face challenges in media literacy with the rapid spread of information (or misinformation) on social media. PR can inform by providing accurate, timely and transparent information to the public.

The public

One of the best examples of PR informing the public broadly is when a crisis occurs, such as recent public health messaging for wildfire smoke. As smoke from Canadian wildfires drifted into the U.S., publicists for government agencies and officials, universities, brands and more helped people understand how to protect themselves from potentially dangerous levels of air pollution.

School districts were also tasked with quickly communicating simple facts about the current air quality event. Lori Perlow, Public Information Officer, Haddon Township School District Communications Consortium, recently told PR News: “Keep communications brief, clear and free of technical terms. Always include the steps being taken to remedy the situation and provide as much reassurance as you can without overpromising. Overpromising can lead to trouble if the situation changes.”

Product recalls and data breaches are other scenarios when effective PR becomes essential. PR professionals can provide accurate updates, address public concerns and demonstrate a commitment to resolving the issue, all of which can help the public maintain a positive or neutral view of an organization even in a difficult situation.

Potential customers and investors

Filling in prospective customers and investors is a sweet spot for informative PR. Using PR to inform prospective customers and investors is crucial for building trust, credibility and positive brand perception. 

When these stakeholders are on the hook, it’s essential to provide relevant, valuable information to engage them. More awareness and communication can guide them toward a potential purchase or investment.


Using PR to inform employees is vital for maintaining transparency, alignment and engagement within an organization – whether for a client or within a company/agency. It builds trust, clarifies goals, navigates change, motivates employees and builds culture. Leveraging PR channels and strategies means organizations keep employees well-informed and engaged in success.

In a rapidly evolving and interconnected world, where information spreads quickly, and public trust is easily eroded, informing people through PR is more important than ever. It helps organizations establish trust, manage crises, engage stakeholders, and shape public perception, ultimately contributing to their long-term success.

When your company goes through significant organizational changes (crisis, acquisition, etc.), it’s crucial to have a comprehensive communications plan in place.
This includes aligning both external and internal communications. At Dittoe PR, our team of expert communication strategists and writers is here to support your internal-facing communications needs, ensuring company employees and key stakeholders receive an effective flow of information, all while positioning you as a transparent, trusted employer.

Want assistance with your internal-facing communications? Need to get ahead of a potential crisis? We’d love to help. Get in touch with us on our contact page.

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