Aligning Internal and External Communications within a Company

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Communication

Do you ever feel like what you’re trying to accomplish externally as a PR professional occasionally gets lost in translation when working with internal communications teams? As a PR professional (whether in an agency or in-house), you may find yourself so busy with external media strategies and execution that it’s easy to forget how it may impact a company’s internal strategies. It’s important to effectively share what an external strategy is so that internal comms can benefit, too. 

There’s really no downside to having transparent dialogue between internal and external communications, and here’s why:

Garner better results when working in harmony

While external communication strategies are critical for success, so are internal communication strategies. But neither will reach its full potential unless it’s working in harmony with the other. Think about a company’s message: If you’re saying one thing to external audiences, but your internal audiences are receiving something else entirely, you’re going to eventually encounter turmoil between the two. 

While your external audience is what will help drive sales and brand recognition, your internal audience are the company’s staff and stakeholders. They matter just as much, if not more, than external parties. They’re the ones working hard to keep business thriving, so if they’re not kept in the loop of what’s going on with the company, staff retention will ultimately suffer. 

How to showcase results in internal channels

Maybe the company that you’re driving external strategy for earned an award. Maybe a new product was launched and it earned a stellar review. Situations such as this are accolades that internal audiences deserve to – and want to! – know about. Even in external communications, you can offer suggestions of how to best spread the word about successes with a company’s staff. This could be in the form of a company newsletter, seminars, internal presentations, etc. 

Crises and change

If a company is going through an acquisition, or has encountered any level of a crisis, it’s critical that external and internal communications are working together so that no audience is left feeling confused or uncertain of outcomes. Mixed messages will only cause unnecessary fear and doubt. When it comes to major transitions, or crises especially, transparency is incredibly important. 

Communication and clear messaging is not only what keeps our profession in business, but it’s quite literally what keeps the world in sync. So no matter where you are in the communications realm, keep in mind that every aspect of communication is important, and they must work together in order to be the most effective. 

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