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Finding Professional Fulfillment with Your Enneagram Type

You’ve probably heard of the Myers-Briggs personality types or the Keirsey temperaments, but do you know your enneagram? If you don’t, take the quick and free quiz “Classical Enneagram Test” here. The enneagram is another personality test, but this one draws from your core motivations that helped shape you and is based on some of your biggest desires and fears. Your enneagram can show your biggest stressors and the coping mechanisms that may work the best for you. Learning and appreciating your enneagram type can help you understand the underlying reasons you’ve made a decision in your life – like your ...

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5 Tips for Wrapping Up Your Internship

Completing an internship is essential to gaining hands-on, real life experience and skills that you otherwise wouldn’t get in a classroom setting. In fact, a majority of Dittoe PR employees started their PR careers as interns here – including me!   Like all good things, an internship must come to an end. If you’re currently interning somewhere, are you prepared for the final chapter? These key tips will help you end your internship on a high note, and, hopefully, guarantee success in your future career-related endeavors.   End on a high note. The end of your internship is just as important ...

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Building a Better Workplace: Dittoe PR’s New Guiding Values and Vision

Now more than ever, company culture is highlighted across all areas of business and is often a huge driver in new business, talent acquisition, company morale, employee retention and more. Dittoe Public Relations has always held company culture in high regard, constantly seeking new ways to evolve and improve perks, policies and day-to-day morale for its employees.   Recently, we invited Katara McCarty, an organizational coach, speaker and author, to lead us on a six-month journey toward building a stronger company culture through unified personal and professional development. We dove right in by creating a fresh set of core values that ...

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Five Life Skills Gained Through Public Relations

There’s no denying that my skillset has grown vastly since I began my career at Dittoe PR back in 2015. From starting as an intern to now leading our intern program, I have my all-star team of coworkers to thank for teaching me the ins and outs of public relations. I’ve learned how to be proactive, how to think like a journalist, how to navigate a PR crisis and several other areas of expertise that you can’t really learn in a classroom setting.   While there are several things that can be taught, other life skills that come naturally by trade. ...

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