What to Expect During your First Week at a PR Job

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Culture, Public Relations

Starting a new job can be an exciting experience, full of hope for the future as you take your next step in your career path. On the other hand, as you prepare for the first day, thoughts of anxiety, stress and dread can fill your head as you begin to think about the information overload coming your way. What if I can’t pick up on the lingo? How does their computer system work? Who will I sit with at lunch?


If you are in the communications and marketing sphere you know that PR can be one of the most intimidating career paths, and for me, coming from nonprofit, I was scared out of my wits! I’ll be the first to admit I was the one asking those silly questions in my head before the first day—anxiety through the roof! With the great onboarding and support of my helpful co-workers, I successfully maneuvered through my first week without any major breakdowns. Just kidding, there were none. And if I can make it this far, you can too!


Here are a few things you can expect on your first week at a PR job.


Meetings, meetings and more…you guessed it.

At any PR job there is a huge learning curve. At Dittoe PR, we take a lot of time to sit down with new hires and explain the handbook, processes or any websites and programs we may be using on any given day. These meetings are often with different employees, so it gives the new hire an opportunity to meet new people organically while also learning a new skill. In addition to meetings, you can expect to take a ton of notes! These notes are helpful to look back on, as you move through your first week of work and beyond.


Research your heart out.

Also, in your first week at your new PR gig, you will be introduced to your roster of clients. Depending on your previous experience and knowledge, you may not know a lot about what your client does or the industry they are in. Before you jump into client calls and interviews, the first week is a great time to start building a wealth of knowledge around your client, the space and their competitors. Editorial calendars and press lists are a great way to kick-start your research, as it gives you a look into the types of trade publications and reporters you will be pitching for your client.


Begin to build relationships.

I’m sure you have heard the term work hard play hard, but in PR, we mean it! Days are often filled with stressful calls and hard deadlines, but if you luck into a work environment that supports you during those stressful times (much love to the Dittoe PR team!) it makes it all worth it. Coming into a different work environment can be an uncomfortable feeling if you are an introvert, but don’t be afraid to open up and be yourself. At Dittoe PR, our environment is super collaborative and open, and while others work great in a group environment, others need a quiet space to concentrate. Don’t let small details bog you down on your fist week—be sure to ask questions along the way, and touch base with your manager or head of HR at the end of the week with comments or concerns.


We’re always accepting applications for consideration. Contact Greta Snell, Director of Accounts, at greta [at] dittoepr.com to inquire about open positions and submit your materials.

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