PR Strategies to Consider When Targeting Different Age Demographics

by | Nov 21, 2023 | Media Relations, Media Strategy, PR tools

With any successful brand, chances are leaders within that company can illustrate who their customer is, what they like to do on the weekends and much more.

One of those characteristics that is arguably the most important is the age demographic of their target audience. Are you marketing a product to Gen Z consumers? Or does data show that Baby Boomers make up a bulk of your sales? Perhaps it’s a mixture of both and everyone else in between?

Regardless, knowing this detail will help inform your strategy when it comes to getting your brand’s product, service and story in front of those who will ultimately drive your sales.

Millennials and Gen Z

Media and how we consume it is always changing, which is why I frequently ask students (currently Gen Z) where they get their news. More often than not, the answer is social media – more specifically TikTok.

There’s no question that both consumers who are Gen Z and millennials grew up in the social media age and have grown accustomed to keeping up with current events on these platforms. At Dittoe PR, we aim to keep a pulse on emerging trends and work with clients to strategize how to amplify their stories on those platforms to reach that target audience.

That could look like your PR team pitching your brand to a top-tier publication like Refinery 29 which is quite active on Snapchat and/or TikTok, where the publication will then share your story on those platforms. We also know that both Gen Z and millennials frequently follow influencers on social media, which is why this element is frequently part of our strategy for clients.

We leverage our influencer relations to connect with influencers whose followings align with our clients’ target age demographics to amplify their products and/or services. Our partnership with Massage Heights in Indianapolis is a prime example of what’s possible when we incorporate a strategy involving influencers as a means to help get their services in front of consumers.

Baby Boomers and Gen X

While the rise of social media has shaken up the media landscape, many consumers still get their news from more mainstream publications such as the Wall Street Journal, CNN and even their local newspaper and TV stations. In fact, data shows that more than 70% of consumers who are baby boomers and Gen X get their news from their TV. We also know that key decision-makers within companies are also more likely to fall within this demographic. Knowing this helps your PR team determine the best strategy to get you in front of this influential group with the goal of driving results.

Dittoe PR has been in operation for nearly 25 years and has established relationships with reporters and editors at traditional print publications and broadcast networks. We leverage those relationships to secure media opportunities for our clients to help share their stories.

This could look like landing a live in-studio segment with IndyNow to highlight what visitors can expect at the Penrod Arts Fair or placing an op-ed in the IndyStar about how a client’s mission could be a solution to an ongoing problem in the community. These are just a few examples of strategies your PR team will consider when targeting this demographic.

Are you ready to strategize how to get your story in front of your core audience? Connect with us to see how we can help!

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