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by | Oct 14, 2021 | Client Relationships, Media Relations, Media Strategy, Strategy

At Dittoe PR, we see a wide array of industries coming to us to learn about our agency, the benefits of public relations, and how our services can help their businesses grow. And as an agency, it’s critical to be prepared for any and all questions so that we can best educate prospective clients. Additionally, it’s equally important to come to the new business meeting with questions from a PR standpoint so that the account team is best prepared to move forward.

It’s not common to always pair PR with sales, but it’s important to have a successful onboarding process – and that means doing your homework ahead of time. It’s likely that the new business will be researching Dittoe PR just as much as Dittoe PR is researching them. And bringing thought-provoking questions to new business meetings goes to show that each party is invested in a working relationship.

Questions Often Asked by New Businesses

  • Who will be my day-to-day contacts? Even if we don’t know exactly what individuals will be on a new account, we’re prepared to discuss the PR and/or social media skill sets that are shared agency-wide so the new business has an idea of what kind of professional they’ll be working with on a regular basis. 
  • How will you deliver results? What kind of metrics will you be able to measure? This kind of question allows us to showcase monthly, quarterly and annual reports and recaps. It’s necessary to explain how earned media can result in website traffic, social media hits, lead sourcing and more. 
  • What differentiates Dittoe PR from other agencies and internal PR teams? Not all PR agencies are the same, so we come prepared to highlight the kinds of services we do provide, including media relations, thought leadership, content creation, social media, influencer relations, brand reputation management and crisis communications.

Questions Often Asked by Dittoe PR

  • What are your business goals and how do you see Dittoe PR playing a part in contributing to company’s success? In order for Dittoe PR’s account teams to do their best work, we first have to understand the initial goals of a new business. Is it increasing media coverage? Content writing? Media prep? A revised social media strategy?
  • Who will be the day-to-day contacts for our dedicated account team? Getting a good understanding of the “key players” is a great way to establish rapport with each other, build trust and ultimately get the ball rolling.
  • What kind of PR has your company experienced in the past? What worked/didn’t work? Sometimes PR is a completely new concept for businesses, especially smaller start-ups. We want to ensure that we’re preemptively explaining our processes so there’s no confusion on what we can/can’t do as an agency. 

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

For both parties – the new partner and Dittoe PR – it’s important to come well-prepared to any new meeting. And quite honestly, those initial meetings can be exciting! It’s an opportunity to ask questions, get answers and build a lasting working relationship. It’s within these meetings that ideas begin to form and initial strategies start to take shape. At Dittoe PR, we want to be a part of a company’s success. And, we want to share those impactful stories that ultimately influence behavior, drive business and differentiate the company from its top competitors.

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