5 Tips to Help You Be a Strong PR Pro

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As an account executive at one of Indy’s best PR firms, one of the main skills a PR pro must master is effectively communicating with clients. Clients look to their PR firm for guidance, innovative communication ideas and invaluable media coverage, and it is our job to deliver.

Some might seem obvious, but these five tips are essential for PR newbies who didn’t learn all the insider tips in college courses or internships, and for the PR pros who want to continue to secure and represent top-notch clientele.

  1. Always share your knowledge. Clients expect you to be the expert when it comes to all things public relations. Be sure to demonstrate your understanding of the industry and be confident in what you know.
  2. Be one step ahead of them. One quote our Indianapolis PR firm lives by is straight from the mouth of our Founding Principal Liza Dittoe, “Always make sure your client has everything they need before they ask for it.” This shows clients you are responsible, actively working on their account 24/7 and prepared.
  3. Be professional, yet personable.  Practicing professionalism is a way to gain respect from your clients and communication skills contribute to that complete professional package. Speaking articulately and competently with clients at all times, along with proofreading emails and media materials allows you to stand in a league of your own. Still allow room for your personality to show through in communication, however, and let your clients know you are approachable and personable. You want them to keep in touch and feel comfortable turning to you for direction.
  4. Be proactive. A top PR agency is one that acts proactively and always creates new opportunities for their clients. Developing a solid strategic PR plan for a new client and sharing with them is an important first step in outlining your future work on an account. It helps you to identify potential media opportunities, and discover platforms to position your client as a thought leader in their respective industry.
  5. Be patient and understanding. It is important to take all constructive criticism from clients and apply to future projects to make them better. It is crucial to see all sides of client account work and put their best interests first, while also taking their thoughts into consideration. It’s our job to point them in the appropriate direction without disregarding their interests and goals for a campaign.

Delivering results for clients is any agency’s top priority, and if you can focus on these five tips, you’ll be in a better position to deliver top coverage and high-quality projects on a consistent basis.

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