Dittoe PR is Definitely the Place for Me!

I can honestly say that after only being at Dittoe PR for a few weeks, I have learned more from the incredibly bright PR people here than in any class or internship setting. The work atmosphere and PR knowledge at Dittoe is refreshing. Employees work around the clock to show clients and the industry that we are truly leaders in the PR realm. Everyone’s willingness to help one another to gain the greatest outcomes for clients is truly admirable. I am confident my strengths in traditional and social PR tactics will be put to good use here at Dittoe, even if my journey to get here took a little longer than expected…

Two weeks after graduating from Indiana University, I moved to Dallas, Tex., to take on a public relations internship with a top-tier PR firm. Keep in mind, I’m a born-and-raised Midwestern gal who went to college in her hometown, so moving to Dallas was a great way to experience being on my own, grow in myself and learn to love a new city. Leaving my family and comfort zone was an incredibly tearful time, but I am proud of myself for taking on a new city in which I had never even visited, in addition to only knowing one person. Living by myself in an artsy district of Dallas varied drastically from living in a sorority house with 120 girls on IU’s campus.

I welcomed the new atmosphere, and my internship pushed me to delve deeper into PR tactics and required me to learn the ropes and better myself as a PR guru in hopes of landing a full-time position in the future. Upon moving home from Dallas, I had hopes of landing a job in Chicago to join friends and family already living in the city. I wanted to utilize my journalism and communication degrees, and I knew had a lot to offer a firm. My job search was somewhat discouraging until I decided to reach out to Dittoe PR in Indianapolis. Their reputation for strong media relations and social media skills was something I was looking for in a firm. Little did I know that the DPR team consists of people with sharp PR backgrounds and Indiana hospitality.

One thing led to another and here I am as Dittoe’s newest team member. I am positive I will continue to grow in my creativity, writing capabilities, teamwork skills and independence as a young PR professional. I love PR because it allows me to be an outgoing, positive advocate for someone or something. I pride myself on always having a smile on my face and letting my light shine in any environment!

My faith and persistence led me to this incredible role at Dittoe and I know it will be full of challenges and thrills. Although I’ll never get back those special moments at home, I’m now more thankful than ever that I was able to have cherished time with my family while waiting out for the best job opportunity here at Dittoe PR. I know this is where I’m supposed to be!

Advancing in an Agency

Most of us at Dittoe PR know that a good portion of our blog traffic comes from students and recent grads interested in a future position at either our firm or a public relations firm like ours. We know that and we like it, because, well, we’re great at what we do.

You may remember me from my previous post about my role as an intern at Dittoe PR. Recently, I have been promoted to Junior Account Executive. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Based on things that I have learned, I have created some guidelines for current interns on how to move up in the agency world.

  1. Communicate. With your supervisors, other interns, heck, even the FedEx guy. While it is sometimes important to voice your opinion, it is even more important to know what is being asked of you. That leads me to my next tip…
  2. Ask questions. I think I ask more questions now than I ever did as an intern, but that’s okay. It allows me to gain a better understanding of what we are doing to help our clients.
  3. Come prepared.  Take a pen and notebook to every meeting that you attend. The meeting may not seem relevant to you at the time, but a senior member may be relying on you to take great notes – so pay attention!
  4. Expect long hours. The PR industry is not a strictly 9 to 5 job.  Sometimes you will have to take your work home with you.
  5. Be flexible. Be ready to move your schedule around based on the client’s needs. Some days that might mean breakfast, lunch and dinner at your desk, but it really shows your commitment to your client and your team.
  6. Take the initiative. Show your supervisors that you are ready to take on more by always going one step further than what is asked of you.
  7. Don’t be afraid to show your personality.  While it is important to keep your head down and focus on your work, don’t be afraid to show your co-workers that you’re clever, fun and smart, too!

You aren’t guaranteed a job just by following these guidelines, but they will help you make a great impression.  If your internship doesn’t turn into the job of your dreams, don’t panic. But, if it does – you can thank me later!

Want a Job in PR? Create a Resume that Rocks!

In this job market, landing a job at a top PR firm is no easy task. The first step is to get noticed, and the best way to do that is to create a quality resume and cover letter that stands out from the rest. Here are some of my best tips for looking ‘hawt’ on paper.

Personalize your objective. I can’t tell you how many times I have received resumes with objectives that say, “Seeking opportunity in Public Relations, Advertising or Event Planning utilizing knowledge of blah, blah, blah…” PR is very different from advertising and event planning. Show me, specifically, that you want to work at a PR firm and that you are not just trying to interview here because desperation has made you open to anything.

Be creative with your formatting. PR pros are creative – show me that you are, too! You are not interviewing for an accounting position – so don’t use the same boring old template that everyone is taught to use their freshman year of college. Also, make sure that your font choices and text layout are easy to read and follow.

Include your social media experience. Social media is now an integral part of most PR pros’ work days. Illustrate that you know how to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or blog. And include links to your social media profiles.

Note: If you include your Twitter handle on your resume (like a good little PR job seeker should), I will check you out on Twitter. Do not document your entire job search on Twitter. When I see a job candidate post things like, “Arrgh! Another rejection letter from XYZ PR Firm,” I think to myself – well, if XYZ PR Firm didn’t think they were good enough, then why should Dittoe PR?

Make sure you use AP Style. It’s no secret that PR pros follow AP Style guidelines – thus, your resume should follow AP Style. Don’t abbreviate Indiana as “IN.” Do write “Ind.” As a PR pro, we are trained to be copy editors, and little things like the aforementioned are noticed.

Double check everything. Do not trust Spell Check. Reread your resume and cover letter to make sure it is perfect. Silly mistakes look silly and misspelled words make me vomit.

Do not send two cover letters. That means do not send an email with a cover letter written in the body and then attach another cover letter document to the email. One cover letter is good enough.