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by | Nov 22, 2019 | Social Media

If you haven’t already noticed, a new update for a social app comes out almost weekly. While most of them just contain “minor bug fixes,” there are a few that come along and change it all. 

Remember when Snapchat filters were released or when Instagram rolled out Stories? Looking back, it’s hard to remember a time before those features existed because they’re being used daily by millions of people now.

Thankfully, our favorite social media platforms are going to continue functioning in essentially the same way. There are some more-than-minor changes headed your way, though, and some that may have already been in the palm of your hand. On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, here’s what’s new with the top social media networks:


In September, Facebook debuted its new dating app-like feature in more than 20 countries worldwide. Facebook Dating gives users the opportunity to find love on the network giant, filtering potential matches based on interests and even allowing you to create a “Secret Crush” list. 

In hopes of further unifying Instagram and Facebook as one brand, Facebook Dating also allows users to share their Instagram posts to their profiles. In the latest update announced this week, users will now be able to share their Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories to their dating profiles, making them available to view by matches for 24 hours. 

Facebook also showed brands and businesses a little love, too. This week, they announced brand new safety controls for advertisers, which include company block lists, publisher lists and publisher delivery reports.


Sharing your Instagram Stories to your Facebook Dating profile may be a dream come true for some, but Instagram’s other recent update has caused quite a stir among users. Even Nicki Minaj threatened to boycott the platform if they moved forward with this change. 

In an effort to “depressurize” the platform for young people, Instagram users will no longer be able to see how many likes a photo has when scrolling through their newsfeed. At least Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, threw us a bone and we’ll still be able to see who and how many people like our own posts.

Because likes are currently a big driving factor in brands’ decisions to partner with key users, all of this could mean big changes to the way we approach influencer relations. Will comments become the new currency?


Another bonus for marketers came yesterday when Twitter announced a new feature to its Media Studio (MS) tool: Conversation Insights. This feature allows MS users with more than 1,000 followers to find and display tweets that go “beyond mentions and hashtags.” With improved listening tools and a customizable dashboard, brands can discover what users are saying in real-time, allowing them to join and shape the conversation with relevant, timely content. 

It’s also easier for users to follow conversations on the platform. Earlier this month, Twitter announced Topics, a feature that recommends – you guessed it – topics based on your recent search and interaction patterns on the platform. When you choose to follow a topic, you’ll be shown content from a wide range of public accounts, including everyone from experts to everyday users. 

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