What to Expect from Local Media in 2022

by | Jan 21, 2022 | Media Relations

The beginning of any new year is a chance to reflect on the previous and your accomplishments and opportunities for growth. It’s also a time reset and create new strategies to cultivate even more success in the New Year. As we dive into 2022, there are several local news trends on the horizon that we don’t want to overlook.

Read more about what our team anticipates will be common themes in local news throughout 2022: 

Anticipate an uptick in local TV news viewership

The Pew Research Institute found local news viewership increased among all local affiliates in 2020 in key evening and late night time slots. Researchers attribute this increase to 2020 being a pivotal election year, and local news operations generally see an uptick in ad revenue and viewers during these cycles. With many eyes predicted to be on the 2022 midterm elections, local stations can anticipate another increase in viewership.

Local media outreach should always be incorporated into your media relations strategy when appropriate, especially when there’s a high probability that more consumers will be watching their local news. Whether it’s landing a morning on-air TV spot or providing expert input about a particular industry or subject matter to your local business programming, local news coverage is a great way to get “face time” with potential customers and clients. 

Consider thought leadership and expert interview opportunities

Last year, our team noticed an increase in media outlets seeking input from industry experts in a wide range of subject matters from entertainment and hospitality to the dire need to skill-up our workforce. Not only do journalists want to hear from these individuals, but so do their readers and viewers.

Dittoe PR helps position our clients as thought leaders in their areas of expertise by securing op-ed and contributed article opportunities in local journals and papers, as well as expert interviews for in-print publication and on TV. Our team can work with you to determine when it’s the best time to introduce your company or cause into a larger conversation. 

Podcasts from local outlets will continue to grow 

A great way to plug into in-depth discussions is through podcast opportunities. It’s estimated 120 million people in the United States listened to podcasts in 2021, and that number is expected to increase to 160 million by 2023. It’s clear that more and more, consumers want content they can listen to on demand while driving, cleaning or doing other tasks while also learning something new, or just being entertained, from experts in a particular field. Local news operations like WISH-TV, the Indianapolis Business Journal, and Inside INdiana Business to name a few have taken note of this shift and have opted to create their own podcasts to have more of these discussions about a wide range of topics in-house.

Additionally, you can find dozens of podcasts surrounding various topics including business, arts and entertainment, sports and so much more. 

When developing a strategy for our clients, podcasts, local media and thought leadership opportunities are all routes we consider when building a media relations strategy. Are you ready to build these trends for 2022 into your strategy? Contact Dittoe PR to get started.

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