Three PR Uses for Twitter Lists

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Social Media

One of the most underused social media features by our industry are Twitter lists. Many public relations professionals either don’t know the feature is available or don’t know how it works.

Before discussing the best uses for Twitter lists, let’s first touch on etiquette and how to use them. When creating a new list, the platform will prompt you to name it, give it a description and set its privacy to be public or private. A public list can be viewed by other Twitter users and followed by them as well, whereas private lists are viewable by only you. Keep this in mind when creating your lists, as some are better set to private.

Below, find tips you can take away today for using Twitter lists to your advantage in PR.


It’s highly likely you’re keeping up-to-date with how the competitors in your field are being discussed in the media – so why should social media be any different? Consider creating a list that features the Twitter accounts for competing agencies, and create a separate list for competitors of your clients.

By viewing competitor posts in one place, you can discover what each company is talking about and how the brand is interacting with its followers. You also want to see what others are saying about your competitors because you can address their problems and concerns through your own agency, or take that idea to your client’s social media team. This is also a great way to monitor how a competitor of a certain client is responding to industry news externally.

Clients and employees

Create a list of current client company pages and those of individuals you work with closely on those accounts to make a one-stop platform to source the latest updates.

Grouping client brands and individuals together on social media allows you to:

  • Stay informed on product and personnel news
  • Build relationships outside of work
  • Add value and create trust
  • Celebrate client successes (award wins, promotions, new hires, philanthropic efforts, etc.) publicly by commenting, liking or sharing

You could also create a list of potential clients for future opportunities. By engaging with them and keeping up with their content, you develop a genuine relationship, and they may be more inclined to sign a PR contract with your agency.

Additionally, you can use a list to group employees. This list should be used so that your brand can interact in a positive way with your employees and encourage them to share or engage with the content you post. This is a great way to encourage employees to engage with your agency’s brand. Check out Sprout Social’s #TeamSprout Twitter list for a great example.

Journalists and influencers

Perhaps most importantly, PR professionals can leverage Twitter lists to organize journalists and influencers you have worked with or would like to work with in the future.

Similar to clients, lists allow you to stay updated on the writer’s latest stories, life updates and work moves. It’s also a great way to clue in to the pieces they are working on and plug in clients who may be a fit. For influencers, you can categorize new media influencers as well as communications, marketing and PR experts that you can learn tips from to further your own career.

Twitter is a widely used resource to share information and interact with others. To fully utilize the benefits of the platform for your agency and its clients, get organized with lists.

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