The Defining Decades: How to Reach Millennials and Gen Z on Social Media

by | Aug 4, 2021 | Social Media

Remember when the biggest thing on social media was trying to decide who to put in your Myspace Top 8? Yeah, neither do I. Today’s social media landscape is so cluttered with dance trends, viral memes, life diaries and more, it can be nearly impossible to keep track of everything you “should” be doing. The first step in breaking through the noise? Making sure your message is being directed towards your target audience.

Millennials and Gen Z are the largest users of social media today, with each spending more than two hours a day online. These two generations fight for dominance in the crowded digital space, and your social media strategy should line up with who you are trying to reach. But who are these young (and not as young as they used to be), dynamic social media superstars, and how can we reach them? Here’s what you need to know:


Millennials were born between 1980-1996, so keep in mind that even though the term “millennial” has often meant “younger,” the oldest millennials are reaching their 40s and the youngest are in their mid-20s. This group spearheaded the social media revolution and was the first to embrace social media as a primary form of communication. Millennials are predominantly active on Facebook and Instagram with the latter being their platform of choice to share life updates, connect with others, and even purchase products.

The millennial generation has emerged as the largest consumer group with immense buying power. These digital nomads are primarily influenced by FOMO culture and are often influenced to buy products based on who they follow. Because of this, leveraging influencer marketing allows you to position your brand in front of millennials. An influencer’s platform holds power over the products and services in which the millennial will invest. This generation trusts those they follow for suggestions, and harnessing that power can enhance your brand’s digital presence.

Gen Z

Born between 1997 and 2012, Gen Z are the new kids on the block. This generation is just starting to enter and disrupt the workforce, but in the next couple decades, they’ll become the most populous consumer group and possess equal, if not more, buying power as millennials. Unlike those who came before them, Gen Z has never experienced life without social media, with 77% checking their profiles on an hourly basis.

The attention span of a Gen Z user on social media is eight seconds, compared to the 12-second average of millennials. This makes TikTok the perfect platform to reach this up-and-coming consumer class. Whereas millennials go to social media to buy and connect, Gen Z go to be entertained and will spend hours scrolling through TikTok to get their entertainment fix. Marketing to Gen Z is a long-term strategy where you seek to build a relationship with them to capitalize on the buying power they will amass in the coming years.

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