How to Successfully Work Remotely

WFH. These three letters allow employees to move from the desk-bound constraints of a 9-to-5 office and give them the freedom to work from the comfort of their own home, a coffee shop, a collaborative working space or anywhere in between. In recent years, the option to work elsewhere has seen a surge in popularity. According to a survey by AfterCollege, 68% of millennial job seekers say an option to work remotely would greatly increase their interest in specific employers. Furthermore, a survey from OwlLabs found that employees who work from home at least once a month are 24% more likely [...]

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Building a Better Workplace: Dittoe PR’s New Guiding Values and Vision

Now more than ever, company culture is highlighted across all areas of business and is often a huge driver in new business, talent acquisition, company morale, employee retention and more. Dittoe Public Relations has always held company culture in high regard, constantly seeking new ways to evolve and improve perks, policies and day-to-day morale for its employees.   Recently, we invited Katara McCarty, an organizational coach, speaker and author, to lead us on a six-month journey toward building a stronger company culture through unified personal and professional development. We dove right in by creating a fresh set of core values that [...]

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You Can’t Outsource Public Relations

There’s no such thing as outsourcing PR. If your business decided to wash its hands of everything related to PR in favor of the external counsel provided by an agency, then you’re probably getting little more in return than a handful of Mad Lib-style press releases replete with industry jargon and corporate buzzwords (i.e. revolutionary, innovative, synergy, etc.). Clients pay the PR agency for the benefit of that agency’s experience, ability to “get ink” and aptitude for cultivating mutually beneficial relationships. But that doesn’t mean that clients can simply hand the agency the keys to the car and say, “we’ll see you [...]

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