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by | Oct 25, 2021 | Media Relations

Whether it’s checking the weather or catching up on the day’s headlines, the local morning news fits into many people’s morning routine. Unlike your typical evening news that recaps the big news stories that broke over the day, morning shows often block off time to feature a human interest story or promote a local event happening in the community.

Although many Americans get their news from their digital devices like smartphones or tablets, the Pew Research Center reports roughly 68% of Americans still consume news from their TV. When you consider the volume of eyes and ears on these programs each morning, we can’t help but use our resources to leverage morning-show opportunities for our local and national clients!

Dittoe PR is a national public relations agency headquartered in Indianapolis, meaning we serve many local clients in the central Indiana area. This familiarity with the market gives us a foot in the door when securing these valuable on-air morning segments for our clients.

When building out shows and pitching stories, one element reporters and producers consider is the proximity a story has to their market and why their viewers would or should care about the news item or event you’re promoting. Your dedicated account team leverages this local knowledge to help contextualize why Hoosiers in central Indiana should be interested in your news.

Our clients don’t have to be in central Indiana for us to know what’s happening in their local markets, though. To secure local coverage – wherever “local” is to a client – we conduct thorough research to be as informed about other markets as our own home market.

Another leg-up we have when being keyed into the local market is the ability to pivot when news breaks. We can do this through newsjacking, which is where we offer our client and their expertise to the media for interviews to add value or context to the overall conversation surrounding the breaking news story. This is one of the many tools we have at our disposal to help elevate our clients while also being flexible to the news cycle, which can change in an instant. 

Proximity also applies when pitching national clients for on-air morning segments. Throughout this process, your dedicated account team will share how your work on a national scale impacts a specific market. It’s also great to have a local example – someone from the community that the local news station can interview who was impacted by the client’s work. This can make for a more dynamic and well-rounded story. 

The morning news is often intertwined with people’s first cup of coffee, and we want to make you part of the start of their day, as well. Ready to expand your reach with morning on-air interviews? Contact us about your media relations strategy today.

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