5 Benefits to Being a Podcast Guest

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Thought Leadership

If you had the opportunity to speak to thousands of business owners in your target audience, you wouldn’t give it up, right? Being a guest on a podcast, whether big or small, is a great way to do just that. Too many pass on this opportunity, however, simply because they don’t know the significant benefits a podcast can offer. 

No matter the industry, there are hundreds of podcasters who are targeting the exact topics your audience is interested in, and there’s an opportunity for your company to be the expert they want to hear from. In this day and age, there is a podcast for EVERYTHING. According to Podcast Insights, there are over 900,000 podcasts with over 30 million episodes. Wowza! 

The fact is, podcasts are the new radio, and this results in several unique advantages.

Highlight your expertise and build respect within the industry.

Podcasters invite guests who have the ability to present valuable content to share with a specific target audience. If you’re articulate and interesting and can share thoughtful insights and tips, a podcast is the perfect place to gain respect from potential customers and other leaders in your industry.  You’ll be seen as a transparent leader, and that translates to being a trusted expert source. So, hopefully you think I’m being transparent right now!

Broaden your exposure to an engaged audience. 

Regular podcast listeners are highly targeted individuals with specific tastes who tune in regularly to their favorite shows. In just one podcast, you can gain exposure to new audiences and generate top-of-mind awareness. On top of their regular audience, if you bring value to a podcast’s topics of interest, listeners will likely share your episode with others in their circle. Obviously, the amount of downloads varies on the size of the podcast following, but it’s important to remember that even smaller podcasts have very specific audiences. If your episode connects with 10 listeners on an extremely focused topic, it still has the potential to generate word-of-mouth interest just like a top 10 podcast on Spotify. Podcasts have the potential to be shared in an instant, listened to on the go, and resonate with audiences on a deeper level.

Develop a real, personal connection.

Podcasts are close and personal. They allow you, as a leader, to chat about your personal challenges and successes in a calm environment that also has the ability to reach thousands of listeners. Podcasts bring the power of personification. Having an intimate conversation on relevant topics from your own point of view allows listeners to feel like they know a CEO or top business leader from your brand.

Just last month, Dittoe PR secured a local Indy podcast interview on Circle City Success for Jiffy Lube of Indiana. On air, Steve Sanner, owner and president of Jiffy Lube of Indiana, was able to comfortably chat to his local demographic about how Jiffy Lube’s initiatives have had a positive impact on his life and his employees. It was a great way to connect with his regional demographic. Additionally, interactions with the media and podcast hosts will help foster stronger connections, ultimately boosting your reputation with the media community, as well as your own industry.

Gain killer content for all of your channels.

Not only is an original podcast spread across multiple access platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and more, there are also limitless ways to share podcast content after it’s recorded. For one, you can publish snippets of your interview in blog posts with links to where the podcast lives. Don’t forget about your personal and company’s social media, either! Be sure to pull quotes and clips to share across all your social media channels, then expand on topics discussed in the interview and submit to other media outlets.

For instance, Dittoe PR secured a podcast opportunity for TCC, which was later repurposed for killer coverage in Forbes. Yes that’s right, Forbes! Repurposing ideas and topics that come up during podcasts is a great way to stretch coverage to its full potential. And as soon as it’s published, it will be accessible for years to come.

Oh yeah, sales!

PR and sales go hand-in-hand. Earned media draws attention and is a great way to even the playing field with companies that spend millions on advertisements. Articulated stories and personal experiences by their very nature are more credible than ads, making podcasts a powerful way to enhance credibility in the eyes of your target audience. For B2B or B2C companies, earned media such as podcasts can act as a metaphorical foot in the door from your customers’ perspective.

Given the increased buzz around the podcast world, now is the perfect time to consider hopping into the expert guest hot seat. Not only will podcasting build your credibility, connections and generate amazing content, it’s also a blast! Who doesn’t like to talk about themselves for an hour? As an expert guest you can become an inspiration by educating, sharing ideas and leading the people in your field. Time to hit record!

Looking to be an expert podcast guest? We can help! Connect with us to learn more about how a PR agency can connect you with podcast opportunities!

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