Building a Better Workplace: Dittoe PR’s New Guiding Values and Vision

Now more than ever, company culture is highlighted across all areas of business and is often a huge driver in new business, talent acquisition, company morale, employee retention and more. Dittoe Public Relations has always held company culture in high regard, constantly seeking new ways to evolve and improve perks, policies and day-to-day morale for its employees.


Recently, we invited Katara McCarty, an organizational coach, speaker and author, to lead us on a six-month journey toward building a stronger company culture through unified personal and professional development. We dove right in by creating a fresh set of core values that define who we are and the principles that direct the way we do business as well as a vision statement that guides our internal decision-making.


After crowdsourcing responses to a select set of questions about Dittoe PR’s culture, the team collectively crafted four core values – or mantras – that we firmly believe in and practice daily to support each other, our clients and Dittoe PR as a system.


Cultivate Happy

At no surprise to our team, “happy” was one of the most common words to describe our company culture. Thus, having it prominently in the name of this value was key. Being a part of Dittoe PR is a special kind of job in that it’s “not just a job” at all (another common description). We have fun, work with passion and purpose, and value work-life balance. Cultivating happy is and always will be a top priority.


We’ve Got Your Back

Descriptors like “support,” “encouragement,” “respect” and “teamwork” were common themes throughout our collaborative brainstorming session for core values. Grouped together, we created “We’ve Got Your Back,” because truthfully, we do. From personal and professional triumphs or hardships, our team is always there for each other. Similarly, this value speaks volumes to how we treat our clients, because we’ve got their backs too.


Here We Grow

Dittoe PR has always held personal and professional growth in high regard. We firmly believe that our premier PR agency can only grow if our people grow too. That’s why we’re always investing in our employees – through professional development opportunities, mentorship programs, new client opportunities and more. Together, we can go farther.


Exceed Expectations

Internally and on behalf of our clients, we’re all in. Our team doesn’t just aim to meet client expectations, we strive to exceed them in any way possible. This is one of our greatest strengths, in fact. We are efficient and agile in our day-to-day operations, and through results-driven and solutions-oriented work, we go above and beyond.


Once our core values were established, we created a fresh vision statement that speaks to what Dittoe PR strives to accomplish and achieve as a unit. Together, we chose a vision that reflects our goals and objectives for our clients and our business. In every scenario, our team acts as storytellers on behalf of our clients. With that top of mind, our vision is to “proactively shape narratives that influence behavior and invoke change” every single day. Through media relations, content creation, award and speaking opportunities, social media management and so much more, we are telling stories that influence change … with passion and purpose.


By collaborating at all levels and implementing meaningful, company-wide values and a vision statement, we are set up to sustain our already strong company culture.


Think you’d make a great addition to our team? Check out our careers page to learn more about positions and contact Greta Snell, Director of Accounts, at greta [at] to inquire about open positions and submit your materials.

You Can’t Outsource Public Relations

There’s no such thing as outsourcing PR. If your business decided to wash its hands of everything related to PR in favor of the external counsel provided by an agency, then you’re probably getting little more in return than a handful of Mad Lib-style press releases replete with industry jargon and corporate buzzwords (i.e. revolutionary, innovative, synergy, etc.).

Clients pay the PR agency for the benefit of that agency’s experience, ability to “get ink” and aptitude for cultivating mutually beneficial relationships. But that doesn’t mean that clients can simply hand the agency the keys to the car and say, “we’ll see you at the end of the quarter.”

Although it might seem counter-intuitive,employing the talents of an agency actually increases the client’s responsibility to PR processes. When you choose to work with a PR agency, you are not delegating a task or business function; you’re committing yourself to a collaborative relationship. Ultimately, the success of the PR campaign hinges on the quality of that relationship.

The client-agency relationship is inherently symbiotic. The client relies on the agency’s ability to provide perspective that is difficult or even impossible to see from within the company. Conversely, the agency relies on the client to provide an exclusive, panoptical view of their business.

The most successful PR campaigns result from cooperation between a strong in-house team and a talented agency. Now, when it comes to the client-agency relationship, you hear a lot of negative criticism about the head-nodding ways of spineless PR flacks who withhold council and instead let the client tell them exactly what to do. Let’s be clear, “head-nodding” does not denote cooperation. Clients, your PR agency, if it’s worth your money, will give you push-back. If it seems like your demonstrating exemplary PR skills because your agency is constantly telling you how spot-on you are, then there’s something wrong.

So, if you’re looking to outsource your PR because you simply don’t have enough time or resources to handle it in house, then you (and the agency you choose) are doomed from the start. A PR campaign can only be as good as the client-agency relationship from which it was conceived.