The Pros & Cons of Press Release Distribution Services

by | Oct 16, 2020 | PR tools

For big announcements, some companies and organizations may want to see their news published “on the wire” using a press release distribution services platform such as Business Wire, PR Newswire or PRWeb. For a fee, these subscription-based services can be used by PR professionals to distribute a client’s press releases to thousands of media outlets at once.

While some companies may be required to complete a wire release because they are publicly traded, for others, knowing when and why to send a press release through the wire is crucial to saving any given business time and money. Dittoe Public Relations seldom recommends clients use a news wire distribution service, but for those interested in exploring the option, please refer to the pros and cons below.


  • Wire distribution platforms have the potential to reach close to 100,000 media outlets in hundreds of countries. Some media outlets may pick up the press release and run it verbatim to their readers, making it a guaranteed way for approved key messages to be included in stories shared in the news.
  • The wire method can be helpful for building SEO. In addition to being picked up by media outlets, press releases will also post to search engines, relevant websites, news feeds and blogs. Many sites are programmed to automatically share a press release whenever it contains specific keywords related to that particular website. The release will post to general news sites like Google News and Yahoo News, and these press releases will often appear high in Google searches because of the plethora of backlinks and company-specific phrases included.
  • Newswire press releases that can achieve success are the stories that have relevance for a national audience. Consider using one for a national campaign launch, a merger or acquisition, or a major financial deal.


  • One of the clear cons to using the wire is cost. It is usually not worth the expense for smaller or mid-size companies to spend thousands of dollars for a single post. Even for bigger companies that have the comprehensive budget to support the cost of a distribution service, it will likely be more worthwhile to engage a public relations agency to share the news in a personalized way to the most relevant writers instead. 
  • While this method of distribution ensures the most reach in theory, it is more likely to fall on deaf ears. The wire is flooded with stories and topics every day. Utilizing the wire does not guarantee that a relevant news outlet will publish your piece, or that a member of the press will read or even open your release. 
  • The wire is an antiquated way for journalists to receive news, especially for the journalists and outlets that may actually want to cover your story. They rarely, if ever, will turn to the wire for ideas or information. It’s even more rare for a journalist to reach out to do interviews and write a whole new story based on a wire posting.
  • Even if picked up, news releases published through a wire may only show up on a media outlet’s website for a short period of time before their links disappear. This is consistent with low-quality or automatically generated news coverage.

Where wire releases were once a staple of news announcements, they are not necessary to generate a large quantity and quality of coverage today. Dittoe PR’s personalized and individualized pitching efforts will reach the right targets, no matter the scale or intended audience – digital, print and broadcast newsrooms, individual reporters and editors, consumers, industry or financial analysts, etc. For local news or smaller or targeted announcements within a certain vertical, wire distribution is never recommended. It is much more effective to reach out to journalists who work at the publications you want to share the news with, whether it be in a local community or a trade vertical.

Overall, Dittoe PR would say your money is better spent on direct, one-on-one pitching and building authentic, lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with reporters.

If you’re interested in more insights on how to best tell your story and share it with the press, please contact Lauryn Gray at la****@di******.com.

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