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Finding Professional Fulfillment with Your Enneagram Type

You’ve probably heard of the Myers-Briggs personality types or the Keirsey temperaments, but do you know your enneagram? If you don’t, take the quick and free quiz “Classical Enneagram Test” here. The enneagram is another personality test, but this one draws from your core motivations that helped shape you and is based on some of your biggest desires and fears. Your enneagram can show your biggest stressors and the coping mechanisms that may work the best for you. Learning and appreciating your enneagram type can help you understand the underlying reasons you’ve made a decision in your life – like your ...

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Summer Tips for PR Career Development

Summer is a time when the skies are blue, the temperatures are warm, and the opportunities to advance your career can be found all around you. Due to the coronavirus, though, this summer already has been and is going to be one filled with social distancing and other restrictions never experienced before. Whether you are laying out on the beach or self quarantining in your house, there are several ways public relations professionals can expand their skill set during the “dog days of summer.” Here are five tips to help any PR professional become the best version of themselves during the ...

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