Meeting the Moment: How We’re Helping Clients Navigate These “Uncertain Times”

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Client Relationships

As Director of Business Development, I typically write a quarterly blog post sharing the latest Dittoe PR announcements – new clients joining our roster, big events and campaigns we worked on, and new individuals who have joined our team.  

As we kick off Q3, I’m just going to say it: 2020 has unfolded in ways none of us could have ever imagined. You don’t need me to tell you the coronavirus has impacted businesses small and large, leaving millions of Americans unemployed. The recent protests and Black Lives Matter movement have led to the vitally important dialogue surrounding systemic racism within our country, forcing many businesses and individuals to take a hard look in the mirror, and recognize their privilege, their shortcomings and how they can and need to do better. 

With so much uncertainty regarding the pandemic and fears surrounding the future of our economy and society, it feels strange – and, admittedly, a bit tone-deaf – to write a blog post that simply lists out all of the new (and wonderful) clients our team has recently partnered with. However, I would like to acknowledge our team’s and our clients’ resilience and perseverance throughout this storm that is 2020. 

Being in a business development role, these past few months have been a roller coaster of emotions for me as things change daily. And I will candidly share that when everything shut down in mid-March, I panicked. I worried clients and prospective clients would view PR as a luxury service – one they may not need in times of crisis and economic recession. But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It has become clear to me that public relations is more important now than ever before. How organizations communicate to customers, prospects, employees, job candidates, and industry peers during a crisis as consuming as COVID-19 is crucial. 

The PR and communications strategies created in early 2020 had to be drastically and immediately overhauled. Organizations needed to focus on putting their key audiences first and addressing their greatest needs and concerns. The organizations’ needs must come second.

Communications – whether it’s a media interview, a written statement, a social media post or an email – need to be thoughtful, empathic and honest. And if your company has a positive story to share, it can be harder than ever to find a media outlet and reporter with the bandwidth to cover any topic other than the current crises our nation is facing. 

I have been in awe watching my colleagues at Dittoe PR meet this moment. We’ve worked tirelessly alongside our clients to develop and execute media relations, thought leadership and social media strategies that educate, provide expertise, inform, inspire and uplift. 

Simply put: We’re helping our clients help others because we’re all in this together.

Now, here’s the part where I do indeed list out some of the fabulous new clients who have joined our roster. We are thrilled to work with these organizations and look forward to being a true partner in every sense of the word:

  • WGU Central Region
  • FAST BioMedical 
  • Torchlite 
  • Clean Earth 
  • Indiana University Press 
  • Hoosier Contractors 
  • Advanced Industrial Marketing

We’re also excited to announce former Dittoe PR Account Executive Sarah Cox has returned to our team! Sarah has nearly 10 years of experience in marketing and PR and is passionate about all things Indy – from local shops and businesses to networking events and group fitness classes (social distanced these days). 

If you’re interested in learning more about Dittoe PR and what a PR and/or social media strategy for your organization might look like, send me an email at la****@di******.com

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