How Startups Can Use PR to Attract Investors

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Media Relations

As a startup, you’re probably facing a few challenges like securing funding, attracting top talent, growing your customer base, or scaling your business. There may be a lot you still need and uncertainty about where to spend your budget. But two things are certain:

  1. You need to tell people how amazing you are, and
  2. You need to meet your business goals.

Public relations is one of the best tactics at your disposal to grow your business and create a consistent brand message that investors and consumers alike can learn and trust. Here’s how:

Perfect Your Pitch

Actually, pitches. The advantage of crafting a successful PR strategy is developing several different pitching angles you can have at your fingertips depending on your audience or who you’re in the hypothetical elevator with. The problem with only having one elevator pitch is that it may resonate differently depending on the person or audience. Developing a variety of story angles about your brand will help you find common ground and connect with potential investors.

Ditch the Jargon

You’ve launched your business. You’re there. You’ve done all the research and you know everything there is to know about your industry. But let’s face it, you’re the exception. You want to show off that you’re an expert, but you also want potential investors to understand your product or service and why they should get involved. With a successful PR plan, you will develop key messaging that can be put to use to help anyone understand your business, no matter their expertise.

Become a Thought Leader

Investing in startups is more than simply trusting the idea behind the business – it’s also investing in the people who run them. Thought leadership is the best way to educate potential investors about your vision and your business. To become a thought leader, you can leverage PR tactics such as regularly submitting guest articles to top tier publications in your industry and providing your opinion and expert commentary on current trends relevant to your product or service. These opportunities represent an editorial means to interject perspective and earn credibility with your target audience and potential investors without being too self-promotional.

Create Buzz and Build Credibility

Aligning your PR strategy with your business goals is critical when attracting investors. Seeing your startup’s name for this first time in the newspaper is exciting, but one-off stories every so often are less effective than creating consistent buzz when it comes to building credibility. When you focus on telling relevant stories, you become a resource for media and for other industry experts. There are many ways to do this: tell the story of your business, share your opinion on the latest trend in your space, provide a quote to include in an industry story. You can make the most of your PR efforts with continuous buzz as opposed to a one-off story.

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