How a PR Agency can Help With Branding, Social Media and Event Planning for Your Business

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Public Relations

No matter the size of your business, you likely want to find the best, and most impactful, ways to showcase your company’s highlights, announcements, success stories and new hires. How do you make that happen? The answer is easier said than done: Work with the media. So who’s the best in the biz when it comes to working with the media? 

Believe it or not, public relations dates back to the late 1800s and has grown astronomically, spilling into nearly every industry around the globe. In its simplest form, public relations is managing communications between businesses and their key audiences to build and maintain a positive image. Often, this is achieved by working closely with the media for earned coverage, drafting compelling content and elevating key announcements via social media channels. PR agencies, composed of teams of experts who deliver the media results, have also evolved over the years. 

It’s much more than drafting press releases these days. Present-day PR agencies can help with branding, social media and event planning. How? Let’s break it down.

Branding your business

PR agencies are a key component to effective branding. (And when added to strong marketing and advertising campaigns, any brand can truly excel!) For newer businesses, PR agencies can help them build an initial presence in their designated industry. This can occur by introducing new thought leaders to the space via expert interviews or launching press releases announcing new products, services or milestones. For more established businesses, PR agencies regularly monitor media within a given industry to ensure that their client’s brand stays top-of-mind in a positive way. 

Why is branding so important? It all comes down to attracting a target audience to a product or service. Branding helps people not only recognize a business, but helps them differentiate a business from its competitors. PR agencies help set the tone for how a business shares content and key announcements. Dittoe Public Relations, for example, is skilled in doing the research needed to effectively help any business, of any size, in any industry, maintain a positive brand image. 

PR and social media: a perfect pair

It’s one thing to secure an amazing story in a target publication. (Isn’t it everyone’s dream to have a feature on Good Morning America?!) But in order to give a media hit a longer shelf life, and the attention it deserves, social media comes into play. Social media is one of the primary ways to stay connected and an invaluable tool when it comes to marketing strategy. An experienced PR agency will understand the benefits of building out both a PR and social media strategy, and intertwining the two so that they’re in sync throughout a calendar year. 

While it’s not common practice for every PR agency to have a dedicated social media team, it’s definitely a benefit to a client when they can work with one agency that’s skilled in both realms. At Dittoe PR, fortunately this is the case. We think it’s safe to say that social media isn’t going away (thankfully!), so it’s our job as communicators to be knowledgeable about both PR and social media, and how they can work together to tell a powerful story.

Event planning

We remain hopeful that we’ll see more and more in-person events in 2022. And if you’ve ever planned an event of any size, you know it’s not an easy task. Be it a birthday party or a 500+-attendee conference, it takes dedicated time, organization and teamwork to come together. For many businesses, a goal for events is to earn media coverage — and that’s where PR agencies come into play. PR agencies, like Dittoe PR, work hard to invite key journalists and influencers to launch parties, grand openings, conferences, large fundraising events, and more in order to receive media exposure online, in print and on TV. 

Do you want to elevate your company brand in your industry? Do you want to learn more about how social media and PR work together? Do you have a big event coming up where you know you’ll want media attention? Connect with us so that we can make your 2022 a great one.

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