Four Social Media Trends for 2023

by | Jan 4, 2023 | Social Media

As we turn the page in yet another year of a social media-driven world, let’s ⚠️BeReal⚠️, what is one thing our world desires most?

Authentic human connection. 

We’re entering an era of user-generated content, less-curated feeds and more authenticity as consumers are pushing for community and an immersive experience – a definite change from the oversaturated and posed photos we once saw when scrolling through our feeds a few years ago. 

We all know how quickly social media changes, so we’re here to keep you on top of it all. We’ve compiled a list of four social media trends we’ll likely see in 2023. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Short-form video content will dominate social media platforms

Creators and brands have jumped head first into video creation from Instagram Reels to TikToks (RIP Vine, gone but never forgotten). It’s evolved from dancing videos and skits, to day-in-the-life’s, get-ready-with-me’s (GRWM for those in the know), reviews, unboxings and so much more.

Companies are beginning to see how vital video content can be. Brands can take a raw approach when creating Instagram Reels or TikToks, producing videos that don’t necessarily need to be perfect or polished, just as long as it fits the personality and voice of the brand. Taking advantage of viral audio sounds, hopping on trends and creating snackable content can drive better engagement and ROI.

Need some inspiration? Go check out my favorite TikTok account. Ladies and gentlemen, Duolingo.

2. Authenticity will be the driving force

BeReal took the world by storm with its no-filter concept, encouraging users to remove their curated facades. With the boom in popularity, the app became a pioneer in championing authenticity and satisfying the user’s craving to share real-life moments. Soon after, Instagram and TikTok saw the success of an authentic approach and began implementing their own version of BeReal.

Audiences want a peek behind the curtain, taking a look at the people and processes behind the brand. We’ll see more companies leveraging Instagram Reels, TikToks and/or Instagram and Facebook Stories to share BTS footage of events, POVs, day-in-the-life styled content, etc. to tap into their most authentic selves.

3. User-generated content will remain powerful

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a real sucker for an honest review. If I’m even remotely thinking about purchasing a product, I will head straight to TikTok to hear what others have to say. If it’s deemed worthy of my money, you bet I’ll be forking over my credit card in a flash – talk about a real hook, line and sinker – and there will be no shortage of reviews in 2023.

The era of user-generated content is here. Product and experience reviews, unboxings, tutorials and hauls posted on social media have placed most consumers in the influencer role, attracting other users to purchase or try out for themselves. In the new year, we’ll place our audience in the forefront, making them key decision drivers when it comes to engaging and participating in the company’s content.

4. The power of nano-influencers

As we’re seeing users demand a more authentic experience on their social media platforms, we’re also seeing it in our influencer marketing. With a larger influencer following comes bigger bucks which can prevent smaller brands from working with them. It can also be challenging to drive ROI and target a specific audience with their high volume of followers. As a consumer, we often question the authenticity of an influencer’s review, especially when their entire feed is full of sponsored posts (#ad = triggering). Are they doing this just for the money? Do they really love the product as much as they say they do?

In 2023 and beyond, we can expect nano- and micro-influencers to take center stage as more brands will opt for a more valued and respected review. Although they may have a smaller following, many of them receive a higher engagement rate due to their niche and loyal audience.

Final thoughts

Ahh, social media… If one thing is certain, it will never be boring – and don’t kid yourself, I know you scroll into the abyss on TikTok. What I’ve loved seeing is the evolution of various platforms. I never really loved seeing curated feeds; it made me feel self-conscious and question if I’m doing enough. As we shift into a more transparent landscape, I’m drawn to the realness and vulnerability that users and brands feel comfortable enough to show. It provides us, humans, the comfort in knowing that we are not alone and that we are facing similar battles and obstacles. I hope as social media continues to evolve to be more authentic, brands adapt to create a more community-driven space for their consumers.

Here’s to another year of social media keeping the social media managers on their toes!

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