Do You Have These 3 Things in Your 2024 Social Media Calendar?

by | Dec 6, 2023 | Social Media

Can you believe it? The new year is on the horizon, and if you haven’t started organizing your content calendars, it’s time to start thinking about your priorities for 2024. Creating content calendars is a great starting point for delivering valuable content to your audience within a specific posting cadence.

Now, before you start spiraling thinking about all of the exciting opportunities for creating the best possible content for your business, it is essential to think about what has driven your success throughout the past year and what you can do to go above and beyond for the months to come.

Lucky for you, three crucial (but easy) tactics can take your content to the next level. 

1. Leverage Those Microholidays

Microholidays are a great content source for a few main reasons when creating your content calendars. First and foremost, many microholidays are known to drive engagement. In an article written by Lynn Colepaugh with Cyber PR Army titled, “Can seasonal social media posts help your business?” she writes:

“If you share a microholiday, your followers will see what matters to you or get a timely reminder of something you offer. Embrace these lesser-known days as a fun and less salesy way to share with your audience.”

Microholidays create a conversation amongst your audience and foster a sense of community that may not have been there before. 

Secondly, microholidays create versatility within your brand. It’s no secret that utilizing major holidays is essential when creating a content calendar, but highlighting smaller celebrations allows your brand to tailor your content to different moods and audiences beyond your primary demographic. There’s a whole world to uncover when researching microholidays and finding ways to cover a wide range of serious and silly themes. 

    2. Add a Touch of Humanity 

    A common theme for social media users is the value of putting a face to the big brand name. Whether you are “Jake from State Farm” or the “Mayhem Man,” this theme of humanizing big brands has become increasingly popular.

    Why is this?

    The content becomes relatable, entertaining and honest. The more authentic your brand can be creates a sense of trust in your audience. In 2024, use your social media calendars to highlight the culture and personality of your brand.

    Ildeme Mahinay Koch writes in Forbes, “Having a presence on these platforms allows you to build a genuine community as you retain users and stay open to new business opportunities. Creating a consistent brand identity on social media is critical to developing a strong and solid reflection of your company’s philosophy and values.”

    In summary, humanizing your social media channels contributes to a positive brand image, enhances engagement, and makes your brand relatable, recognizable and approachable in the eyes of your followers. 

    How can we do this? Find people within your organization who are comfortable being on your social channels and collaborate on different creative content ideas, whether this is employee of the month features or participating in trending audio on Reels. The more opportunities you have to showcase the faces behind your brand, the more success you will see. 

    3. Reels, Reels and Reels! 

    If you aren’t aware of the power that Instagram Reels videos have in your social media strategy, it’s time you find out. The introduction of Reels in 2020 dramatically impacted social media metrics and growth as we know it today. Its reach goes beyond who you follow and utilizes an algorithm tailored to your social scrolling habits. With the increase in Reels usage, companies can now keep up with popular video trends and audio that will increase their reach and connect with their audience on a deeper level.

    Digivisor, a marketing analytics company, wrote, “The face behind a brand is what users are most hungry for. They want to engage with content they relate to and feel more connected to who they buy from. Instagram Reels provide brands with an opportunity to demonstrate who they are in a fun, digestible way.”

    Businesses are experiencing significant success by incorporating Reels into their strategy, as the format makes it easier for audiences to grasp the message than a static feed post. Adding more Reels content to your 2024 social media calendar is a must if you want to see an increase in engagement and overall brand awareness. 

    Your business’s social media channels are used to create and tell stories. These stories include the why, where and how of your brand. Adding these main categories to your 2024 social media calendars will push your business further in telling these tales and show everyone what makes your organization unique.

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