Dad to the Bone: Great Gifts for Every Father!

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It’s that time of the year again! At Dittoe PR, we love this time of the year, because there are so many great opportunities to get media exposure for our product-based clients! I’m talking about gift guide season – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grads!

In honor of this celebratory time of year, I am putting together a list of some Father’s Day gift ideas from the Dittoe PR team. All of the products included are from our amazing clients.

Is your dad obsessed with everything tech? I know my dad loves to get his hands on any tech toy or gadget he can find. Here’s the perfect idea for every geeky dad – and, at less than $10, it makes a perfect gift from the kids:

Zibits is a new line of miniature collectible robots that come to life with remote control. Dads will have a blast collecting 12 Zibits in multiple unique, fun designs. At a size of just more than two inches, the mini Zibits are brought to life with the touch of a button that moves the robots in several directions, including a full 360-degree rotation. They’re also fully equipped with incredible robotic lights & sounds. You can find Zibits at Toys “R” Us stores across the country. They’re also available online at Botabingbotaboom, eToys and Amazon.

Most dads love rocking out to their favorite music! I remember growing up and jamming with my dad to Tom Petty, the Beatles and Eric Clapton. Oh, the memories. Well, here’s an idea for any music-loving dad:

Among the world’s smallest, lightest in-ear headphone designs, the Image X10i headphones are the epitome of high-quality sound, comfort and performance. A must for the stylish, music-loving dad, the X10i headphones are equipped with a micro-speaker that delivers some booming bass. The headphones also feature a built-in microphone and Apple’s very own three-button remote system that seamlessly controls music and phone calls. Its mic and remote system handles the music and/or voice control for the iPhone 3GS and third-generation iPod Shuffle. Available at, $349.99.

Does your dad think he has the handyman skills of Bob Vila, but in actuality he’s more like Tim “The Toolman” Taylor? If so, get him a gift that will make him think he’s a true DIYer:

The AirFlow Breeze Ultra is a universal vent booster fan (with remote control) that fixes “problem” rooms that are either too hot or too cold –making your home the perfect temperature, no matter the season. A built-in temperature sensor quietly delivers warm or cool air to areas of the home that always seem to be too hot or too cold. The fan can also assist in moving air up, down, from room to room or level to level. With operating costs under $5 per year, it’s the most cost and energy-efficient way to keep the home cozy.  In addition to its role as a register booster fan, the AirFlow Breeze Ultra can be used to quietly pull warm air from fireplaces or woodstoves from room to room or level to level. During hot summer months, the AirFlow Breeze Ultra can pull cool air into rooms where you need it most. You can buy it from AirFlow Technology.

Christy Oberley tells me that, “If there is one thing I’ve learned from spending time with my dad and his posse of beer-drinking, golf-playing, BBQ-burning 50-year-old friends, it’s that they are concerned with TWO things.” So, here’s a gift idea for the “Hip Dad”:

1.  New, hip and innovative items for their collections of randomness; and

2.  Where their money is going.

This Father’s Day you can give them a gift that kills two birds with one hunk of duct tape – Ducti Wallets! Ducti wallets are made from 100% duct tape. They are fun, durable, trendy and a great conversation starter. You can purchase Ducti wallets on Sobongo, a unique online store with a social twist. And who said the duct tape was just for kidnappers and handymen?

“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.”

– Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)

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