Anti-racism training: Our organizational commitment

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Company Culture, Culture

The public relations industry as a whole lacks diversity, and so does Dittoe PR. We acknowledge that we are not where we want to (or should) be, and we have a plan for improving and evolving. As a national PR agency striving to proactively shape narratives that influence behavior and invoke change, our team is committed to further amplifying BIPOC voices, consistently serving as a reliable and educated ally, creating a more diverse culture and ultimately becoming an example for the entire industry.

For the last three years, our entire team has worked closely with organizational coach Katara McCarty in growing and evolving both individually and as a system through her mentorship around leadership, communication, conflict resolution and more. In 2020, we initiated anti-racism training with Katara. During these training sessions, our team is challenged to answer difficult questions, gain new perspectives and invoke uncomfortable conversations in order to grow and become better industry leaders, communicators and BIPOC allies. Conversations surrounding recent social injustices have sparked larger conversations about police brutality, implicit biases and the overarching systemic racism in our society.

By further educating ourselves individually and collectively, we have been able to develop and execute an action plan for an organizational Anti-Racism Practice. The training has also allowed us to embed these practices into our overall culture to ensure we facilitate belonging, true equity and anti-racism throughout our organization. Our team collaborated to create an anti-racism statement we will adhere to and include in our prospective new business meetings to make sure we’re partnering with equal-minded organizations and individuals. Our anti-racism statement is as follows: 

Dittoe PR prioritizes a practice of anti-racism. We are committed to cultivating a more inclusive and diverse culture by taking consistent action, continuing education, ensuring accountability and evolving the industry.

We have also developed an anti-racism action plan, which, at a high level, includes: 

  • The creation of an Anti-Racism Committee, which represents employees across our team roster and works to embed practices in our overall culture that ensure we facilitate belonging, true equity and anti-racism throughout our organization. 
  • Bi-monthly organizational and anti-racism coaching sessions with Katara McCarty, which the entire Dittoe PR team attends.
  • Improved community involvement and outreach.

As industry leaders, it is crucial we are committed to continuing these important anti-racism practices to further serve as BIPOC allies. We must put in the necessary work to shift our culture toward a more diverse, equitable and inclusive environment.

For more information on how your organization can participate in anti-racism training, reach out to Katara McCarty via her website.

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