Dittoe PR Helps to Increase Downloads for Jobvite Brand-Sponsored Reports by 400%

The Challenge

In 2020, Jobvite, the leading end-to-end talent acquisition suite provider, turned to Dittoe Public Relations to lead the creation of two brand-sponsored reports: Job Seeker Nation and Recruiter Nation. The previous year, Jobvite acquired four businesses and changed leadership, resulting in Dittoe PR working as its new public relations partner. Dittoe PR was responsible for taking over the entire report development process and leveraging it to secure top-tier and influential media coverage, increase brand awareness, and drive report downloads. For Jobvite, the report is an instrumental part of its sales, marketing, and lead generation efforts.

The Job Seeker Nation Report, released in May 2020, takes an in-depth look at the behaviors, views, and preferences of the modern American workforce. The Recruiter Nation Report, launched in October 2020, provides a deep dive into the state of recruiting today and the challenges and opportunities facing recruiters as they navigate the ongoing pandemic.

The development of Job Seeker Nation did not go without challenges. The report was developed and completed in Q1 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the job climate seemingly overnight. As a result, in early Q2, Dittoe PR developed a second questionnaire that focused on the impact COVID-19 had on the job search process. The report findings then had to be compared to the results of the initial study conducted in Q1. While this delayed the creation and distribution of the final report, the end result provided a more accurate portrayal of the realities, challenges, and preferences of today’s workers.

Our Solution

Dittoe PR completely managed the partnership with Zogby Analytics, a firm that provides custom research and insight to leaders of businesses and communities, as well as to individuals. Dittoe PR’s roles and responsibilities included:

  • Developing both report questionnaires
  • Drafting the full reports
  • Writing press releases announcing both reports
  • Crafting blog posts announcing the reports for Jobvite’s website
  • Organizing media kits for the launch of the reports
  • Handling wire distribution for the press release
  • Conducting all media relations efforts
  • Developing industry-specific data sheets around key findings
  • Providing media interview prep sheets for Jobvite spokespersons
  • Managing the project timeline for all parties

Dittoe PR led the promotion of the Job Seeker Nation Report by conducting proactive media relations efforts with key relevant contacts across national, recruiting and HR trade, and local media. Part of our strategy focused on pulling specific report findings that would be relevant to journalists covering various beats. For example, some reporters were most interested in the increasing stress and job insecurity facing job seekers, while others focused on the new tools and technology that were being used to interview candidates remotely. Financial writers latched onto findings related to salary, negotiations, and workplace benefits.

Dittoe PR was also able to draw interesting comparisons between various demographics of job seekers including:

  • Men and women
  • College educated and non-college educated
  • Under age 40 and over age 40
  • City and rural workers
  • Workers with children at home and those without children
  • Married and single workers

Recruiter Nation’s target audience was recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals, as well as top-tier national media. With both national media and industry trade publications, our pitching efforts focused on how 2020 prompted many Americans to reflect on what is important to them and what their values are, and how those beliefs and priorities are being brought into the job search and workplace, including:

  • Diversity hiring as a top recruiting priority
  • Increasing inquiries from job seekers about D&I initiatives
  • Increasing inquiries about mental health benefits since the onset of the pandemic
  • Increasing inquiries about organizations’ COVID-19 safety measures
  • Interest in accommodations and flexibility for working parents

Dittoe PR also developed data sheets focused on specific industries that we used to target verticals including insurance and finance, health care, and technology.


In total, Job Seeker Nation generated:

  • 154 media placements
  • 2.7 billion media impressions
  • $25 million in advertising equivalency

Job Seeker Nation coverage highlights:

  • CNBC
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Ladders
  • Forbes
  • MarketWatch
  • Entrepreneur
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • Fast Company

During promotion of the 2020 Job Seeker Nation report, Dittoe PR ensured Jobvite dominated in share of voice, with 68% in May and 58% in June, beating out its top competitors.

Media coverage played an instrumental role in the Job Seeker Nation report getting over 2,000 downloads, compared to only 400 downloads for the 2019 report, led by the previous agency.  

In total, Recruiter Nation generated:

  • 60 media placements
  • 175 million media impressions
  • $1.6 million in advertising equivalency

During promotion of Recruiter Nation, Jobvite led competitor share of voice at 45% (October), 50% (November), and 70% (December).

Recruiter Nation coverage highlights:

  • HR Dive
  • Fast Company
  • Career Sherpa
  • The Muse
  • Ladders
  • Forbes
  • HR Daily Advisor
  • SHRM

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