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From Hack to Flack

I’ve traded my reporter’s notebook for a shiny laptop. Corporate upsizing at the country’s largest newspaper conglomerate? Hardly. After 15 years as a newspaperman, I’m now a public relations account executive. From hack to flack. And I couldn’t be happier. But as a reporter, I used to loathe what I am now. Pesky morning phone calls from overly perky PR people? Sand in the bathing suit to a burned-out, caffeine-dependent grunt. Incessant emails. More phone calls. Make it stop! The truth is: We might complain, but we need each other. There. I said it. My reporter’s notebook just rolled over in [...]

Journalism Student to PR Pro… (in training)

Public relations is one of those professions that we often see depicted in somewhat glorified roles on television and in the movies. In fact, two of my all-time favorite TV characters are Samantha Jones of Sex & the City, and Chauna from Entourage, both PR representatives to the rich and elite. Not only are these women both incredibly stylish and accustomed to living the “high life,” they are also smart, quick-witted, independent and strong women that don’t take you-know-what from anybody. In other words, they’re my role models. As silly as it sounds, I believe the portrayals of these women (although skewed [...]

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