Life’s a Pitch

Since journalists are on the receiving end of most PR efforts, they have just as much say in how these relationships should work. It’s no easy task delivering a perfectly crafted email with a clear and concise angle in mind… that also creates the “spark” for a story. PR professionals and the media are constantly running against the clock, so everything should have always been done… like, yesterday. But in order to appease both parties there has to be a middle ground.

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From Hack to Flack

I’ve traded my reporter’s notebook for a shiny laptop. Corporate upsizing at the country’s largest newspaper conglomerate? Hardly. After 15 years as a newspaperman, I’m now a public relations account executive. From hack to flack. And I couldn’t be happier. But as a reporter, I used to loathe what I am now. Pesky morning phone calls from overly perky PR people? Sand in the bathing suit to a burned-out, caffeine-dependent grunt. Incessant emails. More phone calls. Make it stop! The truth is: We might complain, but we need each other. There. I said it. My reporter’s notebook just rolled over in [...]

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