Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Shopping for mom can be difficult sometimes. I mean, what do you give the woman who gave you life, changed your dirty diapers, cared for you when you had the chicken pox, looked the other way when you fed your dinner to the dog and taught you how to love unconditionally? Not sure? Well, here are some great ideas for all types of moms.

The Green Chic Mom

This is not your typical Mother’s Day candy. Nahui Ollin Candy Wrapper Bags are perfect for the mom that is earth conscious, yet trendy.

In 2003, Nahui Ollin (pronounced now-we-oh-lean) was established based on a need for “green” alternatives in fashion accessories. Nahui Ollin designer Olga Abadi discovered the ancient Mayan technique of binding everyday materials into handbags at a cultural festival in Mexico. She realized that this process not only prevents the emission of harmful chemicals into our atmosphere by recycling, but also allows for the design of unique materials now classified as eco-fashion. By combining this technique and her eye for design, Olga created the Nahui Ollin candy wrapper handbag.

Nahui Ollin Candy Wrapper Bags are sold on online shopping site, Sobongo – a new online shopping site blurring the lines between social media and online shopping. These bags are very affordable and range from $20 to $180 depending on the size.

Click here to see one of the bags that I am considering for my own Mom.

Oooh, and click here for a cute camera case – perfect for the mom that likes to take embarrassing pictures of you when you are looking your worst. Love you, Mom!

The Rocker Mom

Here is the perfect gift for the mom that likes to rock out to Bon Jovi and White Snake – the comfy, pearly-white

Image S4i headphones, from Klipsch, trump all stock earbuds and are crafted with soft and flexible oval tips that provide a “barely there” feel.

The Image S4i headphones allow you to control music libraries and answer and end incoming calls while listening to your favorite playlists. Equipped with Apple’s advanced three-button mic and remote system, the Image S4i headphones simplify busy lifestyles, ensuring you never miss a beat. Klipsch knows moms want to look their best, and now they can while on-the-go with the new white Image S4i headphones (available Apple stores nationwide, $99.99).

The Health Conscious Mom with a Sweet Tooth

This is a great gift for the mom that always says she is “on Weight Watchers,” but sneaks chocolate after every meal.  Edible Arrangements are pretty fruit arrangements and cost about the same as a nice floral arrangement. Everyone loves fruit! They even have chocolate covered fruit too (yummy!) Kassie Barker says that her mom & stepmom love it when she sends Edible Arrangements instead of flowers.

The Mom Who Likes Pretty Things

I am in LUST with this Urban Posh Fleur Necklace, and I think most moms would agree with me that it is super cute and stylish. Almost all moms love to receive jewelry – hello, they are girls! Not to mention the sterling silver and 18K gold dipped petals make the perfect combination that can be worn with anything!

Check it out on Sobongo. 

For the Wino Mom

Let’s face it. Moms like spending time with their children. So, why not take her on a boozy Mother’s Day picnic with a picnic basket from French Bull.

  • A French Bull Picnic Set with wine carrier & blanket  – $124.99
  • A bottle of cheap wine  – $10 dollars or less (yes, my mother and I drink cheap wine)
  • A block of cheese  – $3
  • And a box of Kashi crackers – $3
  • Spending the day picnicking with a tipsy mother – priceless!

Click here to check out the French Bull Picnic Set on Sobongo.