Whether born and raised or adopted into, any Hoosier who calls Indianapolis home can testify that there are a number of reasons to live and work in this great city. One I’m particularly pleased to see surfacing in these last few years is Indy becoming one of the world’s top marketing tech hubs. Indy was also just named the ninth city in the United States creating the most technology jobs.

There are several businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations behind Indy’s buzz and Verge is one of them. Verge, a meet-up for Midwestern entrepreneurs, marketers, developers or other professionals working in or investing in tech startups, is helping Indy uphold its advanced tech reputation.

Last week I had the great fortune to be under the same roof with Indianapolis’ elite tech professionals at our client PERQ’s launch party at my first ever Verge Pitch Night. Being a recent graduate and young professional who uses technology in my everyday life, I was excited to mingle with the familiar faces and names I’ve been following who are molding Indy’s tech scene.

I should mention that 500+ of Indy’s movers and shakers turned out for the event and helped make this the largest meet-up in Verge’s history. Good thing PERQ’s spacious office could house us all. Resembling an office space that you might see on the West Coast or featured on a interior design blog, the unique space proved to be a great conversation starter in and of itself with scooters lined up at the front of the building, a basketball hoop with complimentary IU Big Head wall décor in the game room, custom bar serving up local favorite Sun King Beer and other eye-catching décor throughout the building.

PERQ PartyAfter a little networking and sitting in on the Fireside Chat with the Verge and PERQ founders, I got to experience firsthand PERQ’s incentive-based technology, FATWIN. After entering my information into a kiosk, I played a casino-inspired slot machine game and won a nice PERQ-branded water bottle — some of my colleagues won sizable gift cards to PERQ’s client h.h. gregg, but I’m not jealous — I swear. 🙂

Here at Dittoe PR, we work with some of Indianapolis’ most innovative marketing tech companies and that makes me so proud to be a part of this firm. While talking with guests on Wednesday’s event, our Founding Principal Liza Dittoe said something compelling that really defines Indy’s marketing tech community: “Even though I may not personally know everyone in the room tonight, none of us are strangers.”

That thought really summed up the evening for me and my very first Verge event. Congratulations, PERQ!