Last night was filled with laughter and tears on the Butler University Campus. Well, mostly just in the Pharmacy Building where Butler’s PRSSA held “PR Night 2.0 Enhancing the Message.” What a night it turned out to be. Dittoe PR came out to support our beloved Butler PR crew as they hosted professionals alongside students for a night of education, laughs and yes…tears. There was even a shirt or two taken off, believe it or not.

Indeed, we did get our money’s worth last night. Chuck Gose, the Business Development and Social Media brain child for a small digital signage company called Media Tile, was the MC. Chuck is a social media “expert” and all around great guy. As a Butler Alumni who is on the board of trustees, he was a perfect fit for this position. He keeps close ties with many of Butler U’s seniors as they pave their way into the real world, so it was a true honor to have him as our MC last night.

Chuck opened with a rousing talk about Butler Universities’ accomplishments over the past few months, and their recognition around the world. He then led into his introduction for our first keynote speaker, Scott Wise of Scotty’s Brewhouse: “Social Media is like sex in high school, a lot of people are talking about it. Of those who are talking about it, only a few are actually doing it. And of those who are doing it, only a few are doing it well! And with that I give you Scott Wise.” Boy did that get the laughs rolling.

Scott Wise spoke about his career path including his experience with social media. Everyone at Dittoe PR is a big fan of Scott Wise’s Twitter personality, and he gave some insight as to how he created that. He explained that his real personality is transcribed on Twitter. He has a no filter, just like in real life. He believes that as far as social media goes, you shouldn’t just use it for putting your marketing message out there – it’s to have fun and build relationships. He spoke about how he has been able to do “electronic table touches” via direct messaging on Twitter. If someone tweets about their service, good or bad, Scott will have a response to that person in no time.

After Scott Wise proceeded to take off his shirt and represent the Butler basketball jersey he had hidden underneath his shirt and tie, Chris Gahl, of the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association (ICVA), had the duty of attempting to follow Scott’s act, as the next keynote speaker. Chris knocked it out of the park. He spoke about his career path and then went right into what he does for the ICVA. Chris gave a few pointers about what it takes to move forward in your career. He gave his “Letterman Top Ten” for job hunting and gave some solid advice.

All in all, the Dittoe PR gang had a great time last night. The event was sponsored by Panera Bread, so with free food and good laughs, we couldn’t go wrong.

Eric Kokonas said, “I had a ton of fun, so much fun…but I was disappointed I couldn’t take the live fish home.”

Ashley Eggert said, “I was just disappointed Scott Wise didn’t take his entire shirt off!”

Needless to say, we had a great time. Although we are professionals, we remain teachable. When it comes to the world of public relations, there is always more to learn, and it’s opportunities like this where Dittoe Public Relations takes advantage.