Project Description

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TCC Case Study

The Challenge:

Wireless retailers are a dime a dozen in the eyes of most consumers. Aside from offering sales promotions and landing exclusive products, these ubiquitous stores have struggled to distinguish themselves from the competition. But The Cellular Connection (TCC) found a way to differentiate themselves and make a difference through its Culture of Good movement. However, it needed an effective national and regional communications strategy to raise awareness of its Culture of Good, which empowers over 2,300 employees in more than 800 stores to “do good” in their communities through quarterly and annual charitable endeavors.

Dittoe PR was tasked with raising awareness of TCC’s Culture of Good initiative to strengthen customer loyalty and ensure deserving families, individuals and local charities are able to receive the help they need from TCC.

The Solution:

National Media Coverage

Given the positive impact the Culture of Good has made on not just the local communities in which TCC conducts business, but also on employee happiness and retention, we knew TCC had a great story to share with the national media. Outlets like People Magazine, Forbes, Inc., The Huffington Post and Fox Business agreed, as we secured nine national media stories about TCC’s Culture of Good resulting in 85,356,345 million impressions with an ad equivalency value of $703,954.

Regional Media Coverage

The mission of the Culture of Good and its positive impact on local communities is exemplified in TCC’s annual School Rocks Backpack Giveaway, in which participating TCC stores across the country give away 100,000 backpacks filled with school supplies to ensure children are well-prepared for the start of the school year. In just 49 days, we secured 198 pieces of coverage about the giveaway and the Culture of Good within these local media markets. Thanks to the awareness generated by the media coverage, TCC store employees around the nation reported seeing lines of families waiting outside their doors on the day of the giveaway.


  • 198 National and Regional Stories
  • 85,356,345 National Media Impressions
  • $703,954 National Media Value Equivalency