Project Description


Pattern89 is an Indianapolis-based startup that provides artificial intelligence (AI) marketing software to predict creative performance and optimize social media ads. Pattern89’s technology measures over 2,900 creative dimensions of advertisements across thousands of brands to identify what elements – such as facial recognition, color scheme, copy length, emoji usage and more – are responsible for driving top performance.

Pattern89 continuously generates data on what is performing well in ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Its proven algorithms predict the ad components that will drive the biggest results for clients and boost ROI on average 21% in two weeks.

As a startup in the marketing tech (martech) space, Pattern89’s leaders needed to promote the measurable impact of its platform and how AI can support marketers, advertisers and data scientists in driving more targeted and creative ads. With clients ranging from Lids to RumbleOn and agencies like Ogilvy Social.Lab and Mutesix, Pattern89’s messaging needed to expand beyond local media to trade and national outlets more suited for global brands.


Pattern89 partnered with Dittoe Public Relations to conduct targeted research and personalized outreach across every trade vertical the company does business in, from retail to marketing and ad agencies to housewares to direct-to-consumer (D2C) retailers. With an ability to generate impactful media coverage in any industry, the Dittoe PR team was able to leverage its expertise to help Pattern89 better understand the outlets its customers turn to for insights, news and recommendations. In addition, Dittoe PR:

  • Pinpointed the top editors and reporters to target,
  • Identified the current topics and issues relevant media were reporting on,
  • Determined the aspects of Pattern89’s business that would be most interesting to target audiences, and
  • Researched who was writing about general AI across a wide range of industries.

To reach target media, Dittoe PR conducted specific, personalized pitching to individual reporters and editors. The team did not send “batch-and-blast” emails, but rather customized outreach to media based on their beats and interests. For some, this included case studies featuring Pattern89’s clients, while others latched onto the company’s unique data findings. Many media took interest in Pattern89’s leadership team and their insights about the marketing industry, AI and ethics. This not only resulted in meaningful media coverage for Pattern89, but also helped to form lasting relationships that the Dittoe PR team continues to utilize in its ongoing partnership with Pattern89.


From August to December 2019, Dittoe PR secured more than one dozen thought leadership interviews and byline placements in marketing and retail trade outlets, as well as national media. Pattern89’s insights garnered over 31 million impressions and over $287,000 in ad value equivalency on thought leadership insights alone. This included an interview with a Forbes contributor on what comes next for AI in marketing and unique data featured in Adweek’s Data Points section on how to optimize ads with AI insights. Pattern89 has since regularly contributed to TotalRetail, Retail TouchPoints, MarTech Advisor and more with its insights, data and expertise.

“One of our goals at Pattern89 is to enhance marketing and advertising professionals’ daily lives with smart data. The coverage that Dittoe PR has secured for us has spread the word farther than we could on our own,” said R. J. Talyor, Founder and CEO of Pattern89. “With every new byline or interview, we have the ability to reach and engage more potential clients.”

In 2020, Dittoe PR further built upon these relationships to secure interviews and coverage around the COVID-19 pandemic, as Pattern89 measured major shifts in advertising elements. This included an additional interview with Adweek and insights featured in Business Insider, SmartBrief and the online and print editions of The New York Times.

In the first quarter of 2020, Dittoe PR secured more than 108 million impressions for Pattern89 with an ad value equivalency of nearly $1 million.