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Canvas Case Study

Challenging the status quo can be just that – challenging. But Dittoe PR was up to the task for the launch of Canvas, a startup determined to convince organizations that all job interviews should start by text message. With the global release of Canvas, we’d be witnessing the future of the workplace. But first we’d have to convince its worth to the world’s toughest critics – the national media.

The Challenge:

To the founders of Canvas, using text messages to screen job candidates seemed like a logical move. After all, if we’re willing to screen potential spouses with a swipe on an app, why not screen potential employees with text messages? But when you’re first-to-market with a groundbreaking platform, there’s normally some convincing that needs to happen – first to investors, then to potential customers. Armed with $1.7M in funding, Canvas needed a PR firm that could deliver multi-million dollar results.

“There is no bigger time in a startup’s life than launch week, so choosing a PR firm wasn’t a decision we took lightly,” said Aman Brar, CEO of Canvas. “We chose Dittoe PR because they threw conventional PR-talk out the window. They had an insane plan, an absurd timeline and unconventional ideas that we absolutely loved. They blew us away with their creativity and execution. The results have exceeded our wildest expectations.”

Because Canvas was introducing a radically different approach to the interview process, we knew that national reporters needed to see it to believe it could work. And in some cases, even experience it themselves. With this plan in mind, we executed a media relations campaign in less than eight weeks with results that exceeded our client’s expectations and blew the local Indianapolis tech community away.

The Results:

These are just a handful of the media outlets that Dittoe PR persuaded to cover Canvas during its launch week. We’re not talking small mentions or short stories, either. Dittoe PR landed prominent profile pieces on Canvas in each of these prestigious national media outlets, including a print Wall Street Journal story on the cover of the business management section!

By arranging in-person demos of the Canvas platform on a media tour in New York City coupled with remote demos for nationwide media, Dittoe PR was able to convince wary journalists that there are many advantages to conducting job screening interviews via text versus over the phone.

In the first seven days of the launch, we secured 39 media stories, resulting in 126.5 million media impressions and an ad equivalency value of $237,736. This is just the beginning, and this powerful partnership is continuing to change the way organizations interview potential employees.

  • 39 Stories
  • 126,500 Impressions
  • $237,736 Media Value Equivalency
  • 1 Week

“While we’re shipped with love from Indy, Dittoe PR’s tenacity and creativity made sure our story hit the world stage,” said Brar. “We can’t imagine launching Canvas without them. The media exposure has been instrumental in introducing ourselves to millions of potential customers. Thanks to the media coverage Dittoe PR obtained, we received inquiries from a large national retailer and numerous other organizations that are ready to make a major shift in the way they interview talent with Canvas.”