A good friend of mine celebrated six years with her boyfriend last weekend. SIX YEARS. While her and I celebrated with a good glass of red wine (and the boys with Coors Light), I thought back to when they first got together those short six years ago. Wow, how fast six years has gone. I remember that my friend wanted nothing to do with him. She liked him as a friend, and he was a cute and fun guy, but she didn’t think it would ever turn into the kind of relationship she wanted. But he was persistent. Oh was he persistent!  He didn’t give up after she turned him down or hurt his feelings. Time and time again he asked her for a date; just ONE date was all he wanted. Finally, after about five months (really, five months!) she gave him a chance. The rest is history.

Persistence. It’s a lesson learned in life. If you want something, don’t stop at the first “no” you get. So maybe you didn’t get the job or internship you had your heart set on. Learn from your experience and keep trucking along! There’s something better for you, and maybe you’ll find something that will last six years like my friend did.

And persistence is definitely a lesson in public relations. At Dittoe PR, we didn’t become the top PR agency in Indianapolis by chance; we stop at nothing to get our clients coverage and support their marketing efforts. We understand that journalists are busier than ever, and reporters receive hundreds of pitches a day. So at Dittoe PR, we mix great communication with persistence. We focus on building relationships between our clients and media so that when the time is right, we’re first in line for the story. My colleague Lauren Sanders often says, the “P” in PR stands for persistence. And that’s what Dittoe PR lives by, both in life and professionally.

Sing it with me now, “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again, try again…!”