Dittoe PR has grown to include an impressive roster of clients in many industries, including consumer electronics, retail, education, healthcare, gaming, financial services, consumer gadgets and toys. We’ve helped our clients gain a variety of exposure in many different publications, including the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Wired Magazine, Good Morning America, Fortune, Engadget, Ellen, Inc, Business Week, TechCrunch, Mashable and more…

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“Since working with Dittoe PR, we have substantially increased our company’s visibility in the media. They are tenacious in what they do and know how to get the job done. It’s great to walk into a meeting and have someone say, ‘We don’t know who does your PR, but we see your company everywhere.” – Mark Isenberg, partner and vice president of business development at Zotec Partners

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“Working with Dittoe Public Relations has proved to be one of my best business decisions in the past few years. Dittoe has helped our Sales and Marketing efforts immensely and my salespeople have more tools at their disposal to help them close deals. From expanding our social media footprint exponentially to increasing our exposure via print and television, Dittoe Public Relations is an important partner in our growth and success.” – Matt Thomas, president, WorkSmart Systems, Inc.

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“We’re getting so much coverage; all my friends are beginning to think we are paying off the press. Nope…just the magic of Dittoe.” – Carissa Newton, former VP of Marketing at Vontoo

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“From the first day we began our partnership with Dittoe, they blew us away with their relentless work ethic, strategic PR tactics and detailed execution. Our numbers have grown considerably and remain steady because of the Dittoe team’s unrivaled efforts.” –Travis Giggy, co-founder of Swing by Swing

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“Swiftwick is a small company with a big brand, an outstanding product and a culture of competitive people who live to ‘do what moves you’. We make the world’s best performance socks for athletes. Trying to innovate and grow this business is a challenge but we’re pretty good at being who we are and we let that story speak for itself. I was well practiced in the art of deflecting the hundreds of marketing agencies that tried to earn our business as our company grew. I knew we needed professional help to tell the story about our brand, but it never felt like the fit was right. When an industry changing event brought major media attention to our product, we were fortunate to be introduced Dittoe PR. Without the normal ramp-up period, in a crash marketing, emergency mode, they dug in, produced results and won our business. In the same way we imagine we are good at what we do, they proved they could perform under pressure, with no advance time and no glitzy agency pretense. We realized how badly we needed a partner like Dittoe, only after they earned our trust, loyalty and confidence. An investment with a PR firm was not in our budget, but we found the resources and carved out a spot for Dittoe. They have been a consistent partner, professionally absorbed feedback, made timely adjustments and literally added new facets of their own creative origin to the diamond of our brand. In many ways, Swiftwick is Dittoe, and we are better for it.” –Mark A. Cleveland, co-founder and CEO, Swiftwick

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“Initiating a brand launch is extremely challenging. Dittoe has given us a leg up in every presentation across a range of markets by exposing the ICON brand name to media that matters! Their attention to detail and drive surely make them an asset to any marketing plan.” –Donald Wright, sales manager for consumer products, SureFire

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“Dittoe PR rocks! STORServer’s PR program went from white board to white hot in days. Their PR approach is strategic, innovative and always results-driven. The Dittoe team clearly understands our company, our industry and the experts who are writing about. The end result is the best awareness in the company’s history. I truly enjoy having them as an extension of our team.” – Kevin Burns, vice president of marketing for STORServer

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“We are in the beginning stages of our engagement campaign with Dittoe. In just a few short weeks, they have reached and connected with some of the top influencers in our field. Our product, the SofShell, is currently in the hands of bloggers and critics with a readership in excess of 1.5 million readers each month. Incredible!” – Chad Slotta, vice president of sales and marketing for SofProducts and GIV, LLC.

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“Dittoe PR has an extraordinary team of professionals who care and are passionate in growing the exposure of your business…their results speak for themselves.” – Jon Pardieck, president and CFO of Sobongo.com

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“We appreciate our work with Dittoe PR because they bring excitement, enthusiasm and a real-life approach to our public and media relations activities. They position our brand appropriately – as a fun, vibrant and substantial resource for central Indiana residents who need to plan anything outside the home. Thanks to their work, we have an organically growing base of active followers and fans as well as customers.” – Crystal Grave, president and CEO, Snappening

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“Dittoe PR is critical to the success of Smarter Remarketer. The Dittoe account team anticipates our needs well, pursues our opportunities aggressively and provides the flexibility we need as an early stage company. As an investor, I am excited about the value Dittoe PR delivers.” – Karen Corsaro, board advisor, Smarter Remarketer

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“Dittoe’s approach to getting results is intense and relentless. They get the job done and we love working with them.” – Mike Nakamura, president and CEO of Senario, LLC

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“Dittoe approaches PR problems creatively and really delivers on the execution front. The bang for the buck is measurable. This is the best firm I’ve ever seen. I could have given this account to anyone and no one would have done the job Dittoe has done. Their energy, determination and commitment have made all the difference.” – Scott A. Jones, CEO of ChaCha, inventor of voicemail, founder of Gracenote, founder of Powerfile, etc.

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“The Dittoe PR team has successfully introduced our product to the focused audience we requested with results that greatly exceed our best case forecast – 10x revenue growth is a reality with Dittoe.” – Fred J. Merritt, president of Riverside Manufacturing, LLC

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“Dittoe took the time to learn our business inside and out. Add that to a tremendous work ethic and unmatched responsiveness and you’ve got a winning combination.” – Seth Sarelson, chief operating officer of RevTrax

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“Investing in Dittoe PR has proven to be our best decision. The attention they provide us is second-to-none and the press coverage we’ve received has directly increased our sales. We see a long lasting future with the Dittoe team.” – Brian Eddy, CEO and co-founder of Q3 Innovations

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“Prior to working with Dittoe PR, we haphazardly tried a few PR tactics internally and experienced limited success. Our industry is sometimes complex and difficult to message; the Dittoe team dove in and gained a quick understanding of our model and put together a plan for getting us in the national spotlight. Our immediate and impactful results quickly showed us how valuable Dittoe’s solid PR strategy can be.” – Scott Kraege, managing director, MOBI Wireless Management

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“We couldn’t be happier with the work of the Dittoe PR team. Lauren and Greta worked relentlessly to get Lifesta featured in the NY Times, CNN, NBC, TIME, Forbes, Lucky and numerous other national publications. They kept coming up with new creative ways to tell our story and seamlessly managed the process of getting us in front of the top journalists in the country.” – Yael Gavish, co-founder and CEO, Lifesta

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“I cannot give enough positive affirmations for our working relationship with Dittoe and the amazing results achieved so far. We’re in the midst of one of our most successful product launches ever and its due in large part to the press that we’ve received. Our reps at Dittoe are creative, passionate and are making great things happen for our brands every day.” – Jill Escol, senior marketing manager at Klipsch “Dittoe: They’re cool.” – Don Inmon, director of product development for personal audio for Klipsch

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“In three words: Dittoe. Is. Proactive. They have a goal, they have a detailed plan for accomplishing that goal, and nothing stifles their speed or creativity along the way.” – Raviv Turner, co-founder and CEO of Guerillapps

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“There are several words that come to mind when I think of the Dittoe team: hardworking, dedicated, and results-driven are just a few. Their entire team is committed to helping our business grow and prosper. We are very thankful to work with such a talented group.” – Allie Brown, marketing director, Green BEAN Delivery

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“Since hiring Dittoe, I get comments all the time that say, ‘Wow. What did you guys do to get so much media attention lately?’ I feel with Dittoe on our team, we are getting the press that I always felt we deserved, but weren’t getting routinely. Dittoe makes exposure a consistent reality in partnership with our internal team. I’m delighted just 90 days into the relationship.” – Bryan K. Brenner, CEO, FirstPerson

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“Because of the dedicated professionals at Dittoe Public Relations, not only is our U.S. press a success, we’ve also been able to establish ongoing and valuable industry dialogue with key editors and product reviewers.” – Rico Elmore, CEO, Fatheadz, Inc.

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“Dittoe has taken our PR efforts to a new level. With their help, we’ve exponentially increased our media exposure…” – Scott Dorsey, CEO and co-founder, ExactTarget

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“Once you have a group of PR professionals dedicated to your company’s branding and media exposure, you can’t be without it. We like knowing that Dittoe is networking for us each day.”- Nancy Pugh, vice president of marketing, EHOB, Inc.

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“Dittoe PR has been the foundation of many of our client strategies with both search, social and inbound marketing. The team at Dittoe PR has never let us down and always exceeded expectations. A PR team is only measured by their hard work and the relevance and size of the audience they reach… and Dittoe PR is the best we’ve ever worked with.” – Douglas Karr, CEO, DK New Media

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“Dittoe’s PR strategy helps us not only make a lasting impression, but also deliver measurable results. Nearly half of our current clients came to us because of the press activity generated by Dittoe.” – Chris Baggott, co-founder and CEO of Compendium Blogware

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“I can’t begin to explain how great of an investment it was for CoatChex to partner with Dittoe PR. The consistent exposure has been incredible for sharing our story and building our brand.” – Derek Pacqué, founder and CEO at CoatChex

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“Dittoe PR has surpassed our expectations, and our expectations were high. We had been told they deliver results, and after three months of working with us on promoting the 2012 BMW Championship, we’ve seen the proof.” – Gary Holaway, VP of communications at the Western Golf Association

[/toggle][toggle title=”Hidden City Entertainment”]

“Dittoe PR works day and night to ensure the success of our PR efforts. We are so thankful for their hard work, dedication and results.” – Johanna Stern, marketing manager at Hidden City Entertainment

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“Thanks for all you and your team do. It is definitely not overlooked, and you are seen as an extension of the Atlas team. The steps taken over the last year have eclipsed anything we have done over the last 5 years.” – Ryan McConnell, Vice President of Corporate Marketing for Atlas Van Lines

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“We have worked with Dittoe PR since 2006. Dittoe has done an excellent job of assisting us in launching new products. Using professional, cost effective methods, they are able to quickly gain attention in our market and get the ball rolling.” – Bernie Pierce, president of AirFlow Technology

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“This is the best PR firm I have ever worked with, hands down…” – Bob Compton, creator of Two Million Minutes documentary