The 40th anniversary of Earth Day has arrived, and that means it’s time for you and me to think about what we can do for good ole’ Mother Nature. Yes, she may get a little grumpy at times, hence the massive volcanic ash cloud plaguing Europe, but everyone has a bad day from time to time. Let’s face it, she does a lot for us and this is the one day she can “have her cake and eat it too” if you will. Here at the Dittoe PR office, we are working to do our part. Are you? Dittoe PR clients have also stepped up to the plate and have great strategies and tech in place, guaranteed to make Mother Nature proud.

Though we may be the best PR firm in Indianapolis, we weren’t always the greenest. Lately, everyone in the agency has upped their efforts. We recycleeverything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Whether it’s plastic, cardboard, paper, etc., we have a designated recycling bin for each, and we all jump at the chance to reprimand a colleague who disobeys proper recycling protocol. We also are striving toreduce our number of print outs, only choosing those that are absolutely necessary. And, thanks to Ms. Oberley, all print-outs are now on recycled paper. You can bet if two or more of us are going to the same meeting, we are carpooling together. There’s nothing like a little colleague bonding time, and we all know gas isn’t cheap. Unfortunately, this often means we must fear for our lives when “head honcho” Chris Dittoe decides to drive. Frightening as it may be, we suck it up for Mother Nature.  We may do our part here and there, but we know there is much more we can do. Today, Dittoe PR is pledging to do even more and make this our greenest year yet!

Though we may be upping our green efforts around here, Dittoe PR clients are way ahead of the curve. Take Klipsch for example. They have been doing their part since 1946 – long before the whole green movement even started. The renowned horn technology found in Klipsch speakers not only provides powerful, detailed sound, but it puts their speakers among the most efficient converters of electrical power into great sound on the planet.  Klipsch has also launched a first of its kind, energy-efficient home product that has left everyone amazed. The Klipsch LightSpeaker is the first product to combine efficient LED lighting and wireless ambient sound.  Who wouldn’t want wireless music streaming through their home via their can lighting or lamps? Even better, the LightSpeaker’s LED bulb lasts 15 years or more, all while reducing daily lighting expenses by nearly 80%.

Transportation Safety Technologies has also recently released some new, green tech. Their Idle Guard 200 is a solid state, reliable timer that automatically prevents unnecessary engine idling in fleet and delivery vehicles. “Several states, counties and cities have implemented anti-idling regulations to address issues ranging from environmental concerns to economic costs that are associated with vehicle emissions, and fines could be levied against users in certain states,” said Fred Merritt, CEO of Transportation Safety Technologies.

Now, it’s on to the Knall/Cohen Group. These financial advisors know what it means to be green, and they are looking at all the angles. With a new website in the works, they will have a secure way to provide their clients with online versions of important newsletters, quarterly reports, etc., reducing the need for multiple print jobs.

Going green is the new thing, and it seems like today is a good day to start if you haven’t already. Let’s all be a little better and a little wiser, so we can be here a little longer.