Public relations is one of those professions that we often see depicted in somewhat glorified roles on television and in the movies. In fact, two of my all-time favorite TV characters are Samantha Jones of Sex & the City, and Chauna from Entourage, both PR representatives to the rich and elite. Not only are these women both incredibly stylish and accustomed to living the “high life,” they are also smart, quick-witted, independent and strong women that don’t take you-know-what from anybody. In other words, they’re my role models.

As silly as it sounds, I believe the portrayals of these women (although skewed and fairly unrealistic) were my first taste of the PR world and sparked my initial interest in this career. When I first got to college, I was very uncertain as to which major and career path was right for me, hence my postponement of declaring a major until second semester of sophomore year. However, after some soul-searching and research into the different colleges that make up Indiana University, I decided that the School of Journalism was the place for me. I also took it as a sign (perhaps stupidly) that the astrological gods advise that Gemini’s like myself are meant to work in the world of journalism.

So here I am now, working as a summer intern at Dittoe PR. Although I’m still mourning my departure from the utopia that is IU, I’m thrilled to have been accepted as the newest member of the Dittoe PR team! It’s only my first week here and I don’t think I can even describe the amount that I’ve already learned and the new perspectives I know I will undoubtedly take away from this experience.

Right now, my future plan is to attend the University of Miami Law School in the fall, but you never know, maybe a full-time career as a PR professional awaits me in the future! Anyways, I’m always hearing people say the last thing the world needs is another lawyer…Maybe I’ll do the world a favor and be the next Samantha Jones instead (minus the promiscuity of course).