It’s only fitting that karma comes around to the biggest jokester of all. This morning we pulled a big April Fools’ Joke on bossman Chris, the one who’s always pranking us in the Dittoe PR office. Boy, did we get him good.

It had to be a believable story because if anyone can catch a prank in the making it’s Chris. And if you know me, I’m a terrible liar, and I knew it had to be realistic or I would crack. So I sent an email to Chris in the morning saying those four words that always precede bad news, “We need to talk.” He told me to come on over to his office, so I got my serious face on and prepared to tell him I was putting in my two weeks. I had a convincing story, saying that my boyfriend, Tyler, and I were moving back to Tennessee. I told him Tyler got accepted to Vanderbilt Law, and that I had been in touch with my former boss in Nashville and she offered me a new position at her publicity firm. We were going to start the process of moving in May, and I thanked Chris for the extraordinary opportunity to work for the best PR firm in Indy.

Chris totally bought it. The minute I left his office he blasted an email to Liza, Lauren and Megan with the subject line “THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOL’S JOKE!” giving them the news I was leaving. We couldn’t even control ourselves we were laughing so hard! About 10 minutes later, feeling guilty and worrying that Chris might start gathering termination papers, we all ran into Chris’s office yelling “Happy April Fools’!” He buried his head in his hands and yelled a few non-choice words in disbelief.

And that is how you scare, and fool, the big boss on April Fool’s Day.