So, yesterday was the official first day of summer!  Hooray!  Except, now that I am in the ‘real world’ summer doesn’t seem to hold the same meaning to me that it did when I was a kid, or even a college student for that matter.

Summer used to mean no school, family vacations, sun burn, and lots of popsicles.

Now, I still have work, all vacations seem to be work related, the thought of sun burn makes me cringe, and well, yes, I would still love a popsicle!

This being my first summer here in the Dittoe offices, I’m still learning, and as summer the months approached and I realized the changes that life brought, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the team here at Dittoe Public Relations shares the same love of summertime that I do!

Things got kicked off, when the bosses announced “The Dittoe PR Straight-up Ballin’ Contest.” I found out that this is an annual summer contest designed to motivate the team, distract us from the beautiful sunny days ahead and ignite a little friendly competition around the office.  All summer long we are running contest, with winners selected each week based on client coverage that runs.  And at the end of the summer all of the weekly winners will be entered into a raffle to win a mysterious, but awesome prize (or so I am told). Wow, I mean seriously, Chris and Liza have to be the best bosses ever.

To top things off, we were told that we would be having a Dittoe Public Relations Summer Bash and BBQ to get the team together one weekend for a little time together not spent working!

This was all great news, and it made me realize that even though I’m getting old, summer can still have fun memories to accompany it.  Who needs sun burns and family road trips when you can indulge in a little friendly office competition and live it up at work parties with your insane colleagues (I mean that in a good way)? Nonetheless, it is something different.

The more time that passes as I work for Dittoe Public Relations, the more I realize that I am working for the BEST public relations firm in Indianapolis.  We treat our clients great, and our bosses treat their employees great!

Big shout out to summer time!